Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Received another order from Nizar for Oreo Cheesecakeon 18th May. Apparently his wife has been taking in orders for me from her contacts & colleagues. Really appreciate it. As he's been ordering quite a number of Oreo Cheesecake from me, I try to come up with different designs. This time, it's Hersheys with choc chips.

Oreo Cheesecake

On the 22nd, Lynda requested for a premium brownie birthday cake for Esman & Fazli, who are celebrating their brithday on the same day. Toppers request - Rochers & Hersheys.

Premium Brownie

After transferring the brownie into the cake box, hurried down to the polyclininc for dear son's final jab - the 18th month DPT jab. After this jab, he'll 'graduate' from all jabs until he's 3 years old for his development assessment.

Although the appointment (at 10.45am) was his nap time, I was relieved that he was very co-operative. The only unco-operative about this whole thing was the polyclininc system, which was so slow. Zinedine had already shown his restlessness while waiting for the payment queue to flash. By the time everything was done it was lunch already. Lucky this is his final jab.

In the afternoon, I thought of preparing for mafiaprinses' order - 4 dozens of cheesecups. But was too exhausted from the polyclinic trip that I thought I should have a rest first before going for my antenatal check-up at 2pm.

The waiting time was short this time. I guessed not many patients like to come in the afternoon. Furthermore, doctor did not have any emergencies at the time.

Baby is now 14-15 weeks old. I was surprised that the growing rate this time is slow compared to the last check-up. But doctor assured me that everything is fine. Will be doing my blood test in 3 weeks. Gender? It's still not clear but I kinda suspect which gender baby is. Even hubby agreed with me.

When we arrived home, I quickly whipped up the cheese mixture for mafiaprinses' orders to be collected on 23rd May afternoon. They were all finally done by midnight, which is not too bad, considering the slow pace.

An array of Oreo, Blueberry & Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecups

Of which, one set is for a friend's birthday....

Coming up will be a newcomer to the cheese family, which I will be 'launching' soon.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, 12 May 2007


After putting off updating my blog for a while, here's a summary of what I've been doing...

For the 30th April, I made Oreo Cheesecake for Nizar:

M&Ms Brownie for Syarifah for 1st May:

A premium brownie for Shida's solemnization ceremony on 4th May:

Shida's request was a bit stressful for me as I have no idea how to make my brownie look like it's appropriate for a solemnization ceremony. As you know, weddings, engagement, solemnization cakes usually make use of those icings. Although I'm a keen baker, I don't quite fancy those icings actually.

So if you are wondering why there isn't any of those icings on my cakes, well, simply because I don't fancy them although they look gorgeous on cakes.

Anyways, for Shida, I decided to add on more almond flakes on the sides of her premium brownie. (It's a shame that I didn't have time to bake extras for her to taste as this will be given to the guy's side).

Then just today, 11th May:
M&Ms & premium brownie with marshmallows for Tini, which she shared with her colleagues as it was her last day at work. I really hope you & your colleagues enjoyed them.

So there you go, a summary of what I've been doing besides getting used to the bloating tummy & handling my headaches.
While updating & since I'm already logged in I remembered an incident last month which concern one of my customer's request I receive by email. I don't know how she came about to know sistabrownie but her request was to have chocolate cupcakes for her baby girl's cukur rambut. She asked if I could bake eggless cupcakes as well.
So far I've not tried eggless ones but was willing to take up this challenge.
Further to her request, she would like to taste some samples, plus look at samples of individual packaging for these cupcakes which would feature a girl's theme.
I did the cupcakes with egg & eggless & emailed her the packaging samples. And I asked her to come over to collect the cupcakes samples (only).
First she said she might be able to collect them that night. I waited & no sign of her. She SMSed me & said she might be able to collect the next day in the afternoon. So I informed my maid to hand the cakes over when the lady turned up.
No sign of her. I SMSed her to check if she was coming at all cos I'm not going to keep the cupcakes for another day as it might compromise the taste. She said she will come after 7pm, around 8pm.
No sign of her until 10pm. As I was exhausted & had to work the next day, I went to sleep but asked my maid, who's still up, if a lady were to turn up, to hand over the cakes.
The next day when I checked with my maid, she told me that the lady turned up at 11.10pm. Well at least she turned up to collect the cakes.
Two days later, she SMSed me to say that her hubby does not really like the taste of the Double Chocolate Cupcakes & therefore will not proceed with ordering from me.
That's fine. But why I brought this up is that although she is the customer, I do expect a little bit of consideration. In her case, from the beginning right to the time when she collected the cupcakes. Although I am running a business my goodies are home-made & I'm not running a store or a bakery or a confectionery.
Fair enough if she wants to sample first, but not to turn up at the said time? If she has an idea of what type of packaging she wants perhaps she could have told me what exactly she wants instead of having me to come up with ideas, post the pics & after all..... her husband did not like the taste.
I felt a little demoralized, not angry, that these inconsiderate people exist. To add, this is my own people. But I'm grateful that I have the chance to 'know' these people so I know what to expect & how to handle should I come across them again.
I've kept her number in my mobile, so I know that I shall not accept her request/s in future. If you think that I'm being overly sensitive over this I don't think I've over-reacted, cos I went all out for this request.
(Sigh!) Some people..... Well, at least I learnt something from this experience.
Okay, change subject. I've just registered my website but.... but I've not updated anything yet. I think I need my sis-in-law's help in this. Cos I'm so screwed at IT stuff.
When it's up & ready, people, I'll let you know.