Sunday, 30 December 2007

Cupcakes for the weekend...

Was busy since Monday preparing for an engagement ceremony cupcakes for Nur, & Melissa for her party.

Nur has requested for a brown / gold / bronze colour theme for the gifts exchange & her guests.

The butterfly toppers are edible, which is made from sugar & wafer. And it fits perfectly on my small Double Chocolate Cupcakes, although they are quite costly for a tiny butterfly. I would reconsider using these butterflies in future; gotta source out for a better deal next time.

Anyways, as for the gifts exchange, Nur has asked for 15 pieces (each for both sides) to be specially decorated and to omit the topper since she'll be using non-edible butterflies instead.

For the gift exchange

As for Melissa's, I didn't manage to snap a picture before she collects the Christmas-cum-New Year-party themed cupcakes. But she's kind enough to send me an MMS of my cupcakes displayed on her nice tier trays.

P.S: Oh I forgot to mention that it wasn't Nur who's getting engaged, they are for her sister. ; )

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Hari Raya Haji & Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Last week, managed to get my orders out despite me being maid-less & managing the kids especially.

It was stressful, attending to the kids & baking / decorating the cakes at the same time. Now I know what it's like to be a home-maker... I really wonder how a fellow online buddy, Annie, does it. But she sure does a very good job in handling all 4 kids on her own.

So I received a request from Kynn for one and a half dozen of Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Hari Raya Haji, to be shared with her family members. She had initially requested for Blueberry Cheese Cups, but since the fruit is not in season now she decided to have chocolates instead.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups

Then I did some Christmas-themed Cupcakes for Nur, who has been my loyal 'fan' during my leave. I truly appreciate her support & trust in my work (so far).

Christmas-themed Cupcakes
This week will be another request from Nur for an engagement ceremony. It's an important event for her, so I truly hope that I won't disappoint her. And I apologise for not being able to take one more order from you Nur, cos I'm really......tight on schedule. Much as I want to, I just can't.

My busy week starts tomorrow; that's when I start to prepare my stuff for the 29th December orders.

I hope to update some more stuff before the year ends. Can't believe it's just another week before 2008...

Happy Holidays!

Monday, 17 December 2007


Congrats to Hady Mirza for being the winner of the first Asian Idol. Although it was unexpected, because there's Jac (Malaysia) & Mau (Philippines) with very strong vocals, I guess having 'the package' plays a part too. It really came as a big surprise.

Then the match between Liverpool & Man United.... gosh I don't even want to talk about it. Dear hub got so frustrated with Liverpool's loss.

Tomorrow our dear Ghazi will turn two months' old. He's grown so much now (weight, I mean) & have recognized his ummi & her voice. He stopped crying & often smiles whenever he sees or hears me. Dear 'Ufairah has helped a lot during the hols, keeping an eye on Ghazi & taking care of (more like entertaining) dear Zinedine. She'll be in K1 next year & it'll be more stressful for me juggling between work & getting her to learn phonics, reading, spelling etc...

This week there's a Christmas cupcakes request from Nur. And I have to settle dear daughter's school stuff (ie: books, uniform) as well. Plus, all preparations for next week's engagement cupcakes request has to be organized since it's more than a hundred. On top of that I've a New Year cupcakes request for Melissa.

It's going to be very busy for me these two weeks with cupcakes requests, daughter's school & settling my maid's issue by end December. I hope that by the beginning of 2008, I'll be free from all stress & get my mind prepared for work (sigh!).

I just hope everything will turn out smoothly.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

More Cupcakes

Finally my website is done. Phew! For the latest pics, details & pricing, you can visit

After bothering my sister-in-law & changing the theme site so many times, the website is finally up & running. And my heartiest thanks to my sister-in-law, Ruzana, for being so patient and helpful for assisting me.

Spent the weekend shopping at the expo JL sale. Thought of going into the SITEX exhibition, where I saw a lot of people buying LCD TVs, but dear hubby decided not to as it was so crowded. Told him if we were to go in there I'd most probably come out with a VAIO notebook, which I have always eyed on. Well, maybe the next exhibition... (this is what I've always said to myself everytime there's an IT or electrical exhibition. I don't know why I just couldn't bring myself paying for a notebook).

Anyways, made some more cupcakes today. This time it's for Melissa, as samples. She saw how bright my cupcakes are & got so excited all over them that I offered to make for her some. Since she's not doing anything, she came over to pick the cupcakes up. I hope the cupcakes will make her day, since we've been talking about nothing else but cupcakes whenever we chat.

Cupcakes for Melissa