Tuesday, 4 December 2007

More Cupcakes

Finally my website is done. Phew! For the latest pics, details & pricing, you can visit sistabrownie.com.

After bothering my sister-in-law & changing the theme site so many times, the website is finally up & running. And my heartiest thanks to my sister-in-law, Ruzana, for being so patient and helpful for assisting me.

Spent the weekend shopping at the expo JL sale. Thought of going into the SITEX exhibition, where I saw a lot of people buying LCD TVs, but dear hubby decided not to as it was so crowded. Told him if we were to go in there I'd most probably come out with a VAIO notebook, which I have always eyed on. Well, maybe the next exhibition... (this is what I've always said to myself everytime there's an IT or electrical exhibition. I don't know why I just couldn't bring myself paying for a notebook).

Anyways, made some more cupcakes today. This time it's for Melissa, as samples. She saw how bright my cupcakes are & got so excited all over them that I offered to make for her some. Since she's not doing anything, she came over to pick the cupcakes up. I hope the cupcakes will make her day, since we've been talking about nothing else but cupcakes whenever we chat.

Cupcakes for Melissa

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