Thursday, 18 November 2010

Grilled Fish in Sweet Soya Sauce

This dish is a favourite with hubby. I can easily serve this dish with hot white rice & he's a happy man. And thankfully it's so easy to do. I believe you have all the essential ingredients in your fridge. But of course the main star is the fish. I like to use black pomfret.

Before grilling

Grilled Fish in Sweet Soya Sauce

Black Pomfret
Tumeric powder

1) Marinate fish with salt & tumeric powder.

2) Fry till cooked & crispy.

Sweet soya sauce
Butter (room temperature)
Sliced onions
Sliced garlic
Sliced red chillies
Sliced bird's eye chilles (cili padi)
Kaffir lime leaves - sliced thinly
Lime juice
Ginger flower / Torch ginger bud (Bunga kantan) - sliced thinly

1) Mix the above in a bowl. Line your grilling pan with aluminium paper to prevent fish from sticking to your pan.

2) Using a spoon, spread the soya sauce mixture all over the fried fish.

3) Put the fish to the grill. To know if the fish is ready, the soya sauce should be caramelized or dried up a little bit.

When it's done

The trick to doing this is to have lots of soya sauce & onions. The combination of onions & soya sauce will caramelize & make the whole dish tasty. Of course if you prefer this dish to be spicy, add on more chillies.

I haven't tried the sauce with chicken. If you have, please share how it turned out : D

Updated on 19th Nov'10:

You may also like to use this old skool grill. But warning - it will be messy business in the kitchen.

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