Saturday, 6 November 2010

Punked-by-Mel Cuppies

Someone just had to spoil the entire week for me. (I hadn't had the best week on my second week of work). I received an order through email from Mel, who requested for 20 medium Double Chocolate Cupcakes for her boyfriend's 27th birthday in a black & white theme. Everything went as per requested & cuppies were finished just one hour before the scheduled collection time. I SMS-ed her for the collection. To my consternation, she said that she hadn't confirm on the order as she hadn't make the payment. I replied that she didn't cancel her request either. So what was I supposed to do? Just don't make the cuppies, with the risk of her turning up at my doorstep, asked for the cuppies & pay in cash?

I almost had a heart attack when she blatantly replied, "No I don't want the cuppies". Flat in my face. Damn I spent so much time on those cuppies. Some people are just so uncivilized. They don't understand what valuable time and basic courtesy mean to someone else. It may be convenient for her to reject flatly but it was definitely inconvenient for me in many sense.

I didn't know how to feel that day. I felt like crying, I was angry; it was just unbelievable. People do take my kindness for granted. There was Nur, who still owe me for those one-month celebration cuppies for her baby boy. There was also another time when someone alleged that my cuppies were tossed all over the cake box when I arranged for delivery for that person, and I ended up making a second set for her for free. Sigh! The world of business.

Back to the story of the 'punked' cuppies. Hub suggested that we slash the price and put for sale. I wasn't in the mood already so he worked it out for me - updating my status in FB, calculating the costs & contacting his friend if he's interested in the 'punked' cuppies. Great online friends like Annie & Yani too gave me their support. I was truly grateful.

After this incident, hub insisted that upfront payment is a must especially for new customers' orders. To Mel, I can only wish you good luck in your relationship with your boyfriend with an attitude like that.

P.S: Oh yeah, I just remembered something when I was updating this: SHE DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE! To think she's currently studying in a local university. Where are your manners lady?!

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