Saturday, 30 October 2010

Brownie Platter for Shasha

This Brownie Platter was made for Shasha. She had requested for coloured candies as the topper.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Pending recipes

I have 2 recipes pending to be uploaded here - Creamy Mushroom Pasta (Sauce) & Grilled Garoupa in Soy Sauce.

Will update soon!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Brownie sample

A customer requested for Brownie sample before she decides and confirm on her Brownie order. So it was arranged that the sample be collected today.

Since there are two boxes left, I thought it would be an opportunity for others to have a test-tasting too before they decide to order the whole pack from me.

Brownie sample comes in a box of 4pcs. But you can request for more. They still come in 4pcs per sample set.

Contact me to arrange for Brownie Sample!

Monday, 18 October 2010

My boy turns 3!

We continue the birthday celebration for Ghazi today, when he officially turned three.

Three years ago, I was having the most excruciating backache ever before I found out that I was already 3cm dilated when I arrived at my gynae's clinic. It was so painful that I was crying in bed because I couldn't even get up to shower. We decided not to go straight to the hospital as I was afraid it might be a false alarm. It's amazing how a mother with her 3rd child still wouldn't be able to tell if she's ready to give birth or not.

After the confirmation we went straight for the delivery suite, which was just 5mins drive away from the clinic (phew!). At that time, it was only the 3rd day of Raya & I had actually cooked a big pot of Mee Betawi the day before.

It was about 6hrs later that my youngest boy was born (with my gynae wearing a Man U jersey under his robe. Chet!) It wasn't exactly a smooth process as I was losing a lot of blood, Ghazi suddenly turned blue & I had a high fever after that. I could only cradle him for just a moment before the doctor decided to put Ghazi in an incubator to warm him up. I saw him again only the next day. Thankfully everything went well.

Ghazi, 3 years ago

The just-recovered-from-fever me

So it was cake-cutting time for the boy after an early dinner today. Fortunately I managed to get an off-the-shelf boyish-looking cake from Polar.

Birthday boy is in high spirits the whole day. Even while I'm updating this, he's still singing at the top of his voice.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Avocado Milk Shake

So much about the birthday boy, did I mention about my homemade Avocado Milk Shake? Made it using my new blender, which was presented by my mum for our wedding anniversary.

I used ripe avocadoes, low fat milk & some ice cubes to blend. And when it's ready to be served, pour in some gula melaka to taste. Add more ice cubes if you like.

This is by the way my favourite drink. I'd always look out for it in the menu whenever I'm having a meal outside.

I love the one especially from Bedok Corner Food Centre. The particular stall, which is next to the Goreng Pisang stall (which is also one of my favourite stalls), makes the best Avocado Milk Shake. And if you're there, please also try the Black Carrot Cake. It's cooked & run by Chinese but definitely certified Halal. That is my must-have. Other favourites form Bedok Corner Food Centre - the ice Cheng Teng & Tahu Telor.

Anyone wants to date me out for dinner there?

Birthday treat

Mum's not cooking today... Cos we'd been invited to MIL's place for lunch. This was also in conjunction with my youngest son's birthday celebration (he's turning three!).

After lunch, we thought of giving the kids an ice-cream treat. So where else, if not Swensen's! (Let the pictures do the talking....

On top having one ice-cream treat each for all of us, we received two complimentary ice-cream too, just because the kids are members of the Kid's Club. Yay!!

Now, what is his real birthday present????

Friday, 15 October 2010

Snack on Buns

This week, besides the Cornflakes Snow for Sue, I also had another batch of those cookies to complete for Annie. Since I was finishing up on the last batch, I had a conversation with my mum if I should try my hands in making Pineapple Tarts today. I was checking if using half a kilo of flour would yield so much, as I didn't want to end up stuffing myself with Pineapple Tarts in the end. She assured me that I wouldn't. So I held on to that idea.

After that, I called my eldest aunt to ask her if I should tweak my eggwash on my buns. After talking so much about buns & breads & cinnamon rolls, I made up my mind to make buns instead.

Centre Cheese Bun is mine, surrounded by Red Bean Buns

So as soon as my last trays of Cornflakes Snow came out of the oven, I proceeded quickly onto the bread. Proofing the dough is tricky & sensitive and it takes a lot of time too. But as they say "Patience is a virtue", thus you shall yield a lot from it (oh yes indeed, in the form of buns).

(Four left) Cheese Buns & (four right) Raisins & Cinnamon Buns

I finally got to work on the buns at 2pm, rolling the dough & filling them up. This time I had Red Bean, Cheese, Raisins & Cinnamons, Blueberry Cheese & Nutella. And I tried most of them without the paper casings too.

Top clockwise: Nutella, Red Bean, Raisin & Cinnamon, Cheese & Blueberry Cheese

I also tried making them half the actual size. Surprisingly, my kids were a lot quicker in their subsequent helpings. Well probably because by the time the buns were ready, it was just time for afternoon snack.

If you're interested to get your hands on these fresh buns, whether in their actual size or minis, email me for the details.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hectic week

Last week after making the heart-shaped Brownie, I was called up to make more Fruits & Nuts Biscotti for Nina & family. It was short notice for me cos she asked if they could be ready the next day. Sometimes I'd feel so guilty about stocking up full in my pantry, but when the call for short notice requests came up, full stock actually helped me. So since she's coming over to collect her goodies, she made a personal delivery too for the items we *ehem me & daughter* bought from her.

I had another request of pies & fruit tarts. Fortunately I haven't bought the fruits yet cos at the very last minute (and I mean really really last minute), something unforeseen happened (from the requestor) and the order was cancelled. Although some of the items had already been bought, I was glad that I haven't started anything yet. Phew!

Early this week was a hectic one for me. On Monday, I thought I had the whole day to spend on my own buying essential baking items for this week's orders. Was taking my time & thought I could nap when I got home, until I received a call from my agent that she'd fixed me with an interview on Wednesday. But she'd need me to come by her office that same Monday afternoon. There goes my power nap time...

I was so occupied on Monday & Tuesday (fetching son from school & then send him to his enrichment class which ended at 5pm. Then we had to put up with the peak hour crowd taking the bus home) and I realized how hard it is being an unemployed mum, despite having a helper or even a full-time SAHM without a helper. Gosh! It's tough.

Yesterday I went for an interview, which I felt so nervous about & felt a little heavy heart but went through it after all. Then it was meeting up with mum for a little shopping at JL Expo sale (it wasn't that great, so no worries if you don't go).

And on top of the very hectic early week, fortunately I managed to complete a set of these for Sue Tariq, who's ordering them for her husband's birthday today.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Birthday Brownie

This week I made a birthday Brownie for a very nice lady, Yani, who happened to celebrate her birthday in the same week as her husband's. She had requested for it to be in the shape of a heart, decorated with strawberries.

I hope they both enjoyed themselves & the cake too!

I also managed to squeeze in a little bit of time for my kids' favourite - Cotton Cheesecake.

Next time it'll be in my daughter's favourite flavour - Strawberry. Anyone interested in Matcha?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I was browsing through all food pictures I've taken so far & I came across the'minis', which I love to bake & would bring along with me to family gatherings.

Chocolate Chips Minis

When I'm in doubt (or "indecisive" would be more appropriate) of what to bake for my family's gatherings, this would be the answer.

Cranberries Minis

I would always start asking myself if I should bake the Brownie Platter. Then decided not to because my aunts wouldn't be able to resist the temptation & would keep the brownie for themselves. There's also the Chocolate Mousse cups; no space to keep them chilled in their fridge. Cheese Cups; not everyone loves cheese.

Rainbows Minis

Minis variations

So it boils down to the Minis. Anyone of any age would munch on mini cakes for dessert right?