Sunday, 17 October 2010

Avocado Milk Shake

So much about the birthday boy, did I mention about my homemade Avocado Milk Shake? Made it using my new blender, which was presented by my mum for our wedding anniversary.

I used ripe avocadoes, low fat milk & some ice cubes to blend. And when it's ready to be served, pour in some gula melaka to taste. Add more ice cubes if you like.

This is by the way my favourite drink. I'd always look out for it in the menu whenever I'm having a meal outside.

I love the one especially from Bedok Corner Food Centre. The particular stall, which is next to the Goreng Pisang stall (which is also one of my favourite stalls), makes the best Avocado Milk Shake. And if you're there, please also try the Black Carrot Cake. It's cooked & run by Chinese but definitely certified Halal. That is my must-have. Other favourites form Bedok Corner Food Centre - the ice Cheng Teng & Tahu Telor.

Anyone wants to date me out for dinner there?

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