Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chocolate Banana Pie

As mentioned & promised, here is the pie which I made late last week... Chocolate Banana Pie.

A few options came to mind when it comes to the filling. A right combination it had to be. So I poured in some chocolates, custard (it was between pastry cream & custard and I decided on the latter), bananas & topped it off with fresh cream. Hhmmm..... what do you think?

I know that there are people who are definitely not a fan of custard. Don't want the custard, you can simply have it custad-less. It'll still taste as great with just bananas & chocolate (which reminds me of Chocolate Banana Cake.. Yum!).

Coming up, another pie.

Monday, 28 June 2010


I know I've been off the blog for 2 straight weeks now (or more)... My apologies...

I was recently surprised by a health condition, which needed my immediate attention & medication. I've since received treatment, gone through with the medication (plus side effects), and am now monitoring my condition. Insya'allah, by next week I'd be able to ascertain whether I've fully recovered.

Meanwhile since I simply can't sit still for too long, the past few days when I was feeling better, I've actually started on a new pie. In fact, the ambitious me had planned to start on 2 new pies real soon. I shall upload the pic in my next entry.

Another update - I will be participating in a fund-raising event organized by a local school here this Saturday, 3rd July '10. For more info, you may click on this link. I do hope you can come to this event as it is for a good cause. Even your presence will be much appreciated.

So g'nite my food people! Till the next entry...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Apple Crumble Tart

As I was inclined to use (green) apples for my bake today, I decided to make Apple Crumble Tart. The last time I made Apple Crumble was ............ That's right, I couldn't even remember.

This time round, I wanted to make the Apple Crumble with a buttery cookie-like base to go with the crumbly top.

Just great having it warm on a cool Tuesday afternoon...

Manhattan Fish Market

While I was out running errands for my bakes, had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, White Sands outlet.

What I was actually eager to have were Garlic Butter Mussels, as I was disappointed that F.I.S.H didn't have those in their menu when I went there last month. So since my 'informant' confirmed that MFM is serving the mussels as appetizer, I looked forward to having my lunch there.

Garlic Butter Mussels

While the kids were indecisive whether to order the Fish & Chips or the Big Boat, me & mum proceeded to order the Seafood Platter - which consists of Garlic Butter Rice laid under light & crispy battered Fish & Chips, grilled mayo Prawns & crispy fried Calamaris. Delish!

Seafood Platter for 2

We were (pretty) sure we could have finished the platter, but half-way through, we gave up & packed some of it home.

Although the food is tasty & the price very reasonable, I was a little (just a teeny-bit) disappointed that the food didn't stay hot long enough. Other than that, food is good, reasonable price, friendly staff & nice ambience.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

I Choose Not To Subscribe

Went over to Speakers Corner @ Hong Lim Park this afternoon. This was for supporting the "Mass Boycott Starhub/Singtel Overpriced World Cup package" event that has been the hot topic during this upcoming World Cup season.

So put my T-shirt on & headed down to Hong Lim Park to show my support.

And no, we are not subscribing & will not subscribe to the World Cup 2010 package this time. It's just too much!

Simply Brownie

This weekend's bake was a Brownie with simple melted choc deco, requested by Eina. Little did I know initially that Eina is actually the twin sister of Lina, whom I made Brownie for previously.

Eina had requested for the same deco I'd made for Lina, only this time hers should be in orange colour.

So here it is - Simply Brownie for Eina.


I finally managed to make my Sabshuka last week. It was after I 'forced' my family to eat re-heated food that I can squeeze this dish in... Otherwise I think my quest to find those coriander leaves was all for nothing & they would be left rotting in the crisper compartment.

Before breaking the eggs

Ready to eat!