Monday, 28 June 2010


I know I've been off the blog for 2 straight weeks now (or more)... My apologies...

I was recently surprised by a health condition, which needed my immediate attention & medication. I've since received treatment, gone through with the medication (plus side effects), and am now monitoring my condition. Insya'allah, by next week I'd be able to ascertain whether I've fully recovered.

Meanwhile since I simply can't sit still for too long, the past few days when I was feeling better, I've actually started on a new pie. In fact, the ambitious me had planned to start on 2 new pies real soon. I shall upload the pic in my next entry.

Another update - I will be participating in a fund-raising event organized by a local school here this Saturday, 3rd July '10. For more info, you may click on this link. I do hope you can come to this event as it is for a good cause. Even your presence will be much appreciated.

So g'nite my food people! Till the next entry...

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