Saturday, 30 May 2009

Oven break

It was a great visit to my friend's last week. After much thought I had decided to bake the Cotton Cheesecake for her. I was glad that it was well received by my friends. And next time I really want to try baking the starwberry version of that. Dear daughter just can't wait when I told her.

With regards to the Cotton Cheesecake for Precious Babez... dearie, please stop feeling guilty for not responding. It was an impromptu decision that I baked on that day & thought I've had your number. When I realized that I didn't, I was going, "Oh-uh!" No worries, I'm sure there will be a next time as I'm beginning to like the cheesecake too.

Oh I can't wait for tomorrow to be over as I will be going off on a family trip. Will only be back on Thursday.

So till then! Take care...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

About the Cotton Cheesecake

Here's an update - The Cotton Cheesecake hasn't been claimed yet.

Since I don't wish to keep it any longer, I've decided to cut it & feed myself. Perhaps another time Precious Babez.. after I get your contact at least (blushing!)

Anyways, will be visiting a friend this weekend and thinking of baking something for her. At the moment there are 3 options: Brownie, Cupcakes, Cheesecake. Will have to decide by tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake for Precious Babez

So silly me... I baked the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake again today for Precious Babez. After baking only then I realized that I hadn't taken her contact number.

I hope she read my message in Facebook and here so she would know the Cheesecake is just waitng for her to claim.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Review - Lontong Kering

I have, a few months back, become a fan of Lontong Kering. Probably because I've never heard of it until quite recently. And I really like it a lot.

But I'm not sure if you can find Lontong Kering easily unless you go to any one of the popular hawker centres like Geylang Serai.

Today when hubby decides to go to Adam Road Food Centre for breakfast, the first food that came to mind is the famous Nasi Lemak (forget about the one in Changi Village. I think their popularity is overrated). You should really try the Nasi Lemak at both stalls in Adam Road and make your own judgement, as both are as good.

What really caught my eye is the "House of Lontong" stall. From a distance I saw they have a few sets but what I'm really looking for is Lontong Kering. Found it and I wondered what's in it. To my surprise, there's one piece of beef rendang, sambal goreng, begedil, acar timun, ikan bilis and of course lontong. And for a price of SGD $3.50, it tastes really good!

I'm definitely gonna come back to this stall again. (Please don't mind the pic... I got all excited to eat it I just snap a shot).

Blueberry Cheese Cups & nutty Chocolate Mousse

Marni requested for a dozen Blueberry Cheese Cups and nutty Chocolate Mousse.

After making these I thought I'd have a little bit more time to bake Cotton Cheesecake again. This time it's for Precious Babez. But I've yet to do my packing (for my June trip). So hopefully before I go on my trip I'm able to bake it for her.

Precious Babez - if you're reading this, I will try to bake the Cotton Cheesecake very soon.

Monday, 4 May 2009

'Ufairah's Birthday Cake

So here's the birthday cake for 'Ufairah's birthday celebration in school. She has specifically requested for High School Musical's Sharpay & Hanna Montana to be on the vanilla cake with strawberry icing.

She was very happy & excited to cut the cake tomorrow, when she turns six (how time flies...). I hope she will have a wonderful time tomorrow, giving out the cake & goodie bags to her friends.

Thanks to Mid (Rozana) of PetitBizkit for this!

Lemon Meringue Pie

I've promised my SIL Ruzana that I would be making her Lemon Meringue last Saturday, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel that & bake another day.

Since today I have a little bit of free time after settling some errands and catching up on a few pending chores, I managed to bake her a dozen Lemon Meringue Pie.

I have a little difficulty reducing the sugar, as I have already done so but I still find that it's still a little too sweet (for me at least). I'll definitely be reducing it a little bit more. But anyways, the sweetness won't hurt your precious teeth this time I promise.

Another challenge was to ensure that the meringues stay put. And when you took them out of the oven you have to make sure that the meringues don't 'fall'.

A lesson learned from previous failed attempts is to have patience. I won't bake if I'm in a rush. Follow the instructions as there are no shortcuts in achieving successful bakes. Of course there should not be too much distractions. But with kids around you all the time, there'd always be distractions.

So later I'll be collecting dear daughter's birthday cake from fellow baker - PetitBizkit. I'll be uploading the cake when I come back. So stay tuned...