Sunday, 29 April 2007


It's been so long since I update my blog, my web etc... I logged in just to check emails & order requests. For those who have sent me emails or personal messages in my Multiply & I have yet to reply, please forgive me. I'm going through a change right now.

I'm expecting my 3rd child, who is due in late October.

Frankly, there may be order requests which I have to turn down. Or otherwise I am limiting my order requests to only two in a week.

I will be extremely busy in May & June (at work). Not forgetting order requests for the hot date 7th July 2007 wedding for a customer.

I really hope to get better in May, as right now I'm experiencing morning & evening sickness and tireness round the clock. This is defnitely an unexpected pregnancy. But I do hope that it will be a smooth one.

To all valued customers, I hope for your kind understanding that I will only take in advance requests so I can make enough preparation (mentally & physically) for your orders.

For those who already have my contact, you can call me directly as I might not have time to read my emails sometimes.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Back to the oven

After being stretch to the max for the 1st of April, I managed to rest for a week after that (I think God must have heard & answered my prayers), as I did not have cake requests for the week.

On the 14th, prepared an order of M&Ms Brownie for Ida & a dozen each of Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups & Tiramisu for mafiaprinses.

M&Ms Brownie for Ida
Requests from mafiaprinses:

Tiramisu shot

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Totally stretched

It had been a very very busy & hectic (I noticed I've been using this word often nowadays) week last week. First was the preparation of my 'virgin' project, which was wedding favors for bride & groom Nur Salena & Zulkilfi for the 1st April '07 wedding. They have requested for additional 150 pcs Oreo Cheesecup wedding favors, on top of their existing ones provided by Anggun Andaman.

Preparation started from Wednesday, where cousins Dhiya & Kaiyisah came over to help with the decor, as it was a gold-themed wedding. The containers for the Oreo cheesecups had to be tied with gold ribbons & to stick with gold paper wedding tag.

The prepared cup & wedding tag

I really have these few people to thank for all the help they have extended to me to make this a successful project for me:

Cousins Dhiya & Kaiyisah - for being able to make it & helping me with the decor;
Mum - for coming over to cook for us & helping to stick the wedding tag on the covers;
Sis-in-law Ruzana - for designing the wedding tags;
Nur Salena & Zulkifli - for believing in my goodies & giving me this opportunity;

For all those who have helped me indirectly & supporting me - hubby, friends & relatives - a big THANK YOU to you!

Wedding Favors by sistabrownie

Besides the wedding favors, of course I'm taking in my normal cake requests although I've actually blocked out this week to other requests. But I can't bring myself to reject the other requests aince I'm able to squeeze in the time.

There were two requests on Friday, for Salim & mafiaprinses.

Salim requested for a dozen of plain & nut-filled Chocolate Mousse & a dozen of Chocolate Hazelnut & Oreo CheeseCups for his family. He has been recommended by one of my ex-colleague, who have tried my goodies.

Plain Chocolate Mousse

Nut-filled Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Hazelnut & Oreo CheeseCups

Mafiaprinses requested for a platter of 16 pcs brownies with M&Ms, marshmallow & chocolate chips toppers, and a dozen of Oreo & Blueberry CheeseCups.

Platter of Brownies

Oreo & Blueberry CheeseCups

On Sunday, I woke up early to pack all the cheesecups into the prepared cups to be brought over to Kampong Ubi CC where the wedding was held.

On top of that, packed Syarifah's & Nina's requests as well.

Syarifah aka Mrs F requested for a dozen Blueberry & a dozen Chocolate Hazelnut CheeseCups, of which 6 to be packed separately as an engagement gift for her sister.

Chocolate Hazelnut & Bluberry CheeseCups

Nina Nurain requested for an M&Ms Brownie & a dozen Tiramisu on Sunday as well.

M&Ms Brownie for Nina

Tiramisu shot

After all these, went to sister-in-law's place Ruzana, for my niece's, Safa', 4th birthday celebration. Her birthday falls on 16th March so this was a belated birthday bash. I was planning to make platter of brownies for this occassion but due to time constraint, I only managed to make a dozen Blueberry CheeseCups.

Blueberry CheeseCups

Now I hope to get some rest before starting my bakes again.
P.S: That appointment on Tuesday will be updated at a later date.