Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Spicy Honey Chicken

I decided to cook 2 dishes today. Just to make sure that I still have the 'touch' (wink).

First I cooked Sambal Goreng, which is a Javanese dish consisting of soy tofu, fermented soy beans, long beans, prawns and beef; all semi-fried before putting them in spicy gravy. It is always recommend that this dish to be cooked at least one day in advance, keep it in the frdige or freezer & re-heat the next day. It will be tastier as all the ingredients would have been mixed thoroughly together. I'll try to put the recipe in soon.

The second dish I cooked today was Spicy Honey Chicken. The recipe calls for chicken cuts, but I decided to use chicken breasts instead. Then I cut them up into cubes, so that it's easy for the kids & everyone else to savour.

This dish is part spicy, part sweet. So when you fry the ingredients till fragrant, be sure to have a balance of those.

When I cook, I don't have specific measurements. So sorry for that. But I believe you'd trust you own taste & judgement to make it the best to your liking.

Here it is:

Part A:
Chicken parts (or in this case I use 3 pcs chicken breasts cut into cubes)
Tumeric powder
Oil for frying

Part B (blended ingredients):
Dried chillies
Shrimp paste (just a tiny bit)

Part C:
Oyster sauce
Salt (optional)


1) Heat oil in frying pan. Meanwhile mix chicken with salt & tumeric powder. Fry till only half-cooked. Set aside.

2) Using the same pan (or if you prefer to use a pot) & oil from frying the chicken, fry the blended ingredients untill fragrant. This should take about 10 mins.

3) Then add a little bit of water just enough to make a thick sauce. Add the oyster sauce & honey. Mix till the sauce is part spicy, part sweet. If required, add a little bit of salt to taste.

4) Finally put in the chicken & mix thoroughly. Let the chicken cook till tender & turn off the heat.

5) Serve hot with white rice.

P.S: I thought I'd make Nasi Ayam Berempah (Spiced Chicken Rice) this weekend... Hmmm...

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