Monday, 2 February 2009

Birthday Cuppies

It has indeed been so long since I update my blog. What else but work is the cause of it. I've even come to a point where I get so tired by the routine that at about 7pm everyday I'd just switch off. Bad, isn't it? By the time I get home I just wanna lie down & sleep and then the next day, back to the routine again (not that I'm looking forward to it).

But now (I really really hope) it's back to the normal schedule. At least I've got my life back. Not that I hate my job so much, but the schedule can get really crazy sometimes.

So this week I've a baking schedule. It's from my very regular none other than Effa. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I took this project as a way to relax. Think of something fun & bright. It's just great that I took this request in (which came very early) just as when I ended my 'nightmare' at work.

This time it's a request for individually-packed cuppies as birthday favors for kids at school. The birthday boy, Arian Danish, is turning two. These cuppies are for his school friends & teachers. That's why it has to be fun, bright & attractive.

So what I did to the Double Chocolate cuppies was to topped them with chocolate buttercream - white & cocoa. Before that, I added a hint of toffe in the cuppies. "Hint" because I added just a tweeny bit, so that the overall taste of the cuppies would not be too sweet. Especially not for the kids.
Then I deco it by using what-I-have-in-my-fridge to make it as colourful as possible. Here they are...

To Arian - Happy Birthday sayang! (Anyway, I heard you had a blast). And to Effa, thank you so much for your continued support. Get better soon & take care.

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