Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Therapeutic project

I've been feeling very excited as I have a request to bake cupcakes for a little boy, who's turning two, end of this month. Initially, I was at a loss for ideas as it has been a while since I do up a themed-cupcakes request. So ever since I've got the request from my very regular customer, I've been looking for inspirations & ideas as I go to work everyday.

A lot has gone through my head - do I go for colour theme? / do I go for cartoon character theme? / do I go for design theme? On top of these, what type of frosting should I do? What can I do to attract little children to love my cupcakes? Hmmm... all these in my mind to decide. I have a few options maybe that's why I can't decide on one. But one thing for sure, chocolates are a definite in my list.

I've got the packing ready, just waiting to deco it a bit. And I'm definitely got to get the ingredients and all other stuff bought by this week or latest next weekend. Otherwise I'm gonna have a problem baking as all the shops will be closed on Chinese New Year.

I'm grateful I have this 'project' to attend to, as it gets my mind off work when I get back. Therapeutic, u think?

I guess it beats shopping & eating...

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