Friday, 26 March 2010

1st April '10

So the date has been set... That all sistabrownie's Chocolate & Red Velvet cuppies shall rest with effect from 1st April '10. (Not an April Fool's joke by the way....) 

Afterwhich I hope I'll be able to accomplish my resolution for 2010.

For my foodies, who have tried & requested for the cuppies before, thank you for choosing sistabrownie.

Especially to Nur, who have always 'challenged' my ability & capabilities in decorating the cuppies for her different theme requests, I thank you too. I wouldn't have known how far I can stretch my ideas for deco by using different techniques, if not for you.

It's time for me to focus on what I'm supposed to do - "Homemade Goodies & Yummy Bakes!"

Monday, 22 March 2010

Coloured Candy Brownie for Lina

I spent last Saturday baking a brownie for Lina, with coloured candies as topper. The request was confirmed just days before. I initially had no idea who Lina is, until she refreshed my memory bit by bit by SMS, from the time she turned up at my house until she was on her way back home. I didn't recognize her email address nor her number so I thought she's a friend's friend.

Turned out that I've actually met her before, at her house when she requested for my Cheese Cups. Then, she didn't even like cheese until she had a taste of those Cookies & Cream Cheese (cups). She had also requested for Brownie before and now, she's back to make a request again.

Just before I finished up with the Brownie, I managed to squeeze in a Lemon Meringue Tart request for someone very close to me. He had requested time and again for a Lemon Meringue Pie, but I guess he has to make do with tarts for the time being.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fan page

Finally published the fan page in FB. I will be uploading more photos & updates on the move as much as I can.

If you've already dropped by my fan page, you'd notice that I'd (purposely) excluded all cupcakes' pics. Thing is, although many still requests for them, I thought I'd want to stop baking them eventually. This decision had been discussed with my fellow co-admin & we thought it might be a good idea so we can focus on other (new) goodies.

I have 2 requests for cupcakes in March. I hope I won't be too tempted to accept future cupcakes requests.

Here's one made for Aziah, for an engagement ceremony. Colour theme - black & yellow.

Will update more soon. Nitez!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Chocolates for the day

A good friend had recently moved into her new home in Sengkang & requested for a simple Brownie for her own chocolate indulgence. On the same day, it was also to celebrate her son's first birthday.

I was so confident of finding her new home that I didn't ask for directions. But when we were in the area, we actually got lost. By the time we reached her house we were almost late for dear daughter's swimming lesson. So didn't stay but managed to say "hi" to her & her family.

I prepared the brownie (but forgotten to take a pic; of all things) and brought some Chocolate Fudge & Snow Frost Cuppies for her.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cuz engagement ceremony

With so much ado on my cousin's engagement ceremony's goodies, finally only two made it - Velvet Cupcakes wz Snow Frosting & Paris Brest.

Velvet Cupcakes wz Snow Frosting

Paris Brest

Almost made the Croquembouche too, as I could use the extra pastries from Paris Brest. However the spun sugar didn't work out (read:melted) due to the super hot weather here. Sigh!

For the benefit of my fellow readers who are wondering what the fuss is about with engagements, it's a ceremony whereby the family from the boy's side (relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandaunts, granduncles... the list goes on) come over to the girl's, bringing along gifts, goodies & engagement ring. Although gifts & goodies are not compulsory, families believe it is to celebrate the happy occassion, thus the tradition. Gifts & goodies are usually contributed by family members. During this meeting, a representative from both sides will do the talking on behalf of the couple's parents. A dowry will be proposed and wedding date will be set. The wedding will usually take place between 6 months and a year.

I should go to more engagement and solemnization ceremony. I've missed a few of my friends' & realtives' that I've forgotten how fun & interesting it can be. It is also a time when people can convert their ideas into 'masterpiece' for the gifts exchange.

There's a particular one gift (contributed by the paternal side) which caught the attention of a lot of people (especially my mum & aunts). It's a set of 5 giant tarts placed on top of their individual decorated storage container (for us to take home after the ceremony hehehe...)

There are also another set of giants - Curry Puffs; or is that Calzone? I didn't exactly know what the filling was in these Puffs.

And these dolls, they are a classic. These goes back to the time when my aunts & uncles got engaged or solemnized. And that was like..... twenty over years ago. Now it's their kids' and people are still doing these dolls' dress by attaching colourful sweets. My daughter was so excited when she saw these. And I was the one who has to keep plucking those sweets off the dolls.

There is another classic - the porcupine. It's rare to see that these days. It's made with poking prunes with toothpicks stuck to a pineapple or papaya as base for the body. Part of the toothpicks that are sticking out will make the whole thing look like a big porcupine.

With the world moving towards modernization, I wonder if traditional home-made gifts will stay on. Nowadays, young & trendy couples tend to just buy stuff, put them on trays & present them. That's when the fun stops.

Well for now, my aunt has one year to make all the necessary preparations for her daughter's wedding, and my cousin will be so looking forward to next year, I'm sure.

Congratulations, dearest!