Thursday, 30 September 2010


Do you believe that good things sometimes do come in great a'bun'dance? I definitely do. Because it comes in the form of - Buns!

Fruit Custard Buns

Lately I have the sudden interest in learning how to make bread. I've learnt it before & still have the recipe with me. But I just couldn't point out where I went wrong that my bread turned out to be as hard as a rock! Driven by determination, I finally signed up for a workshop, where I get to learn from an expert.

Assorted Buns with sweet filling

The instructor was so helpful & answered all my key questions. Good thing that the class was not full so that made it all more fun to learn. When I stepped in into the class, it's like walking down memory lane - it felt like just as I was in school. The 'teacher' told us to get the mixing bowls, measuring spoons, towels, get your own ingredients & follow the recipe (of course, he guided us along). I was actually smiling inside. Reminded me so much of my teacher!

Fruit Custard Buns for Nina

Now that I have keen interest in baking, I am actually very grateful & thankful that I learned the basics in school. I used to be so ashamed to be in Home Economics class : p. And since my mum & aunts are avid bakers themselves, I know where I can turn to for more helpful tips ; ).

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dinner at Botak's Favorites - Changi Village

My husband & I had been salivating to try the American style food from Botak Jones. But we were disppointed that it isn't Halal certified. More & more Botak Jones outlets kept springing up but none was Halal. But not to fret.

Just about this year, the owners have finally set up the Halal brand of the same American style food called Botak's Favourites. (Food preparation is done by Great Big Food Catering Services, which is also certified Halal by MUIS). This move has obviously bring a lot of cheers from the Muslim community, us included.

So we went to the latest Halal outlet in the East located at Changi Village (just because it's nearer to our house than the one at Simpang Bedok). As it was on a Thursday, it wasn't crowded at all. Our first food - the Cheese Fries - arrived about 10-15mins after placing the orders and subsequently at 5 mins interval.

Cheese Fries

We ordered the "L" portion of the Cheese Fries, which we regretted later as we were unable to finish them.

Next was hubby's U-Crazy-What?! burger, which comprises of 3 minced beef patties. Yep, 3 beef patties! He couldn't even get it into his mouth. So much for being adventurous eh.... *raise eyebrow*

U-Crazy-What?! Burger

Mine was the ladies' cut Ribeye Steak, which I asked to be cooked medium well. Very tender indeed. For this set, I get to choose 2 sides.

Ladies' cut Ribeye Steak

We enjoyed our dinner. The next time we're going to Botak's Favorites, we need to bring friends. Just because we will most likely order different stuff from the menu & then we'll all get to taste everything.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mee Bandung

I had 2 packs of yellow Hokkien Mee in the fridge which will be expiring soon. The plan was to fry them when we receive guests during this festive period. But I fried the Satay yesterday instead for my aunt's family.

So I have to cook the Hokkien Mee either today or tomorrow. But what dish? There were a few options - Mee Soto, Mee Rebus, Mee Goreng, Mee Sup & Mee Betawi. Then I decided to try something I've never cooked before.

It's been a while since I try something new. I took my recipe book out, scanned through twice & decided it shall be Mee Bandung, since I have all the ingredients in my fridge. Next, I am so going to try the Mee Ayam Cendawan (Shredded Chicken Noodle). Reminds me of Tong Seng Coffeeshop, which me & ex-colleagues used to frequent for lunch.

What I've put into my Mee Bandung:

Mee Bandung

500g yellow Hokkien Mee*
200g bean sprouts*

Blended ingredients:
2 tblsp dried chillies
3 cloves garlic
5 red onions

About 1.5l chicken stock
4 tblsp tomato sauce
2 tblsp chilli sauce
1 tblsp oyster sauce
300g beef (cut into small cubes)
300g prawns
*Cornflour mixed wz water (thickening agent)
Oil for cooking

Eggs (poaching method, upon serving)
Limes (halved)
Red chillies
Green chillies
Fried shallots
Chopped parsley & spring onion

1) Heat oil. Fry the blended ingredients until fragrant.

2) Once fragrant, pour in the chicken stock & the beef cubes. Add the tomato sauce, chilli sauce & oyster sauce. Let it boil.

3) Add in the thickening agent (according to your preference) & continue to stir to prevent any lumps.

4) When the gravy begins to thicken & boil, add in the prawns. Let it cook for about 2 minutes & switch off the heat. *If you are serving immediately, poach the egg in the boiling gravy & serve.

5) To serve, put a small portion of the blanced Hokkien noodles & bean sprouts in a bowl. Pour the gravy with beef & prawns. Place the poached egg on top centre of the noodles. Garnish with lime, chillies, fried shallots, chopped parsley & spring onion.

I hope the above directions are easy to follow. Otherwise you can always give me a tweet at @sistabrownie or drop me an email.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Breakfast at Chomp Chomp

As usual, weekend mornings were spent at a breakfast joint while we wait for dear daughter to finish her tuition. We would, by routine, be at our favourite hangout for our weekly dosage of prata or nasi lemak & definitely teh tarik. So since we've had our pratas on Saturday, I thought we should 'venture' to other breakfast joint, which is in the vicinity. There wasn't much choice so I thought of Serangoon Way Garden, also known to many as Chomp Chomp.

We tried to get a lot, which is by the way same scenario as when we were at Adam Road Food Centre, and was fortunate we only waited for 5 minutes (parking is free on weekend & Public Holiday). Once parked, hubby popped a prized question - is there a Malay stall here? I was stunned for a moment but decided we should check it out anyway.

It had been more than a decade since I was here & the place had been renovated & looks more spacious. Although there are about 4 Malay stalls there, I was quite disappointed with the choice of food available. Two of the stalls were still closed when we got there at around 8.45am. One stall which was opened had Lontong, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam & Nasi Lemak; the other selling kuih. We opted for Nasi Lemak since there's no other choices.

I was not impressed with the Nasi Lemak as the rice is quite dry & lack of coconut milk taste. The sambal was good though.

Then I had Tau Huay. The initial plan was for me to get another drink of soya milk ($1) for the kids, but I ended up with a bowl of old skool Tau Huay at only 50 cents! The Tau Huay is so silky & smooth, not too sweet.

I had this to myself hehehe...... and regretted that I didn't buy a pack home. So where to next weekend?

New addition to Cookies & Such

I've done a little bit of 'cleaning up' of my goodies in FB, particularly in Cookies & Such category. Since the requests for cookies come only during Eid (so far), I realized that there hasn't been strong response for Matcha & Tropicana cookies. Therefore decided to take these off the list.

Since I love eating cookies that contain fruits especially, I have not taken Tropicana away totally. I decided to give it a little bit of revamp. Not actually a new type of cookie, I've tasted this way back during my school days & didn't give it much attention then. Even Mum remembers this recipe when I described it to her. It's the Cornflakes Crunchies.

Cornflakes Crunchies

After only one week of Eid, proposals for next year package already come up for me to consider. I hope He will grant me the health & strength for me to carry it out, InsyaAllah. I'm looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, more experiments & concoctions to be made in my kitchen.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Brownies for Eid

After the delivery of the cookies, I had to make sure that all the cakes are packed properly for collection on Wednesday. This year, requests were only for Brownie - Chocolate Cheese Brownie, a whole Brownie & Brownie Platter (100 mini pieces).

Baking would not be complete without bits of hiccups. Mine, when I had hoped for things to go smoothly after completing 95% of my tasks, was that the chocolate fudge cracked when I had over-estimated the chilling time. I guess I was too tired to bring out the Brownie of the fridge for the cutting, that I had left it more than the required time. And so, a second batch had to be baked to ensure a smooth top.

I was grateful for the ample time I had to complete everything, in time for the cakes collection.

Chocolatey Brownie for Naz

Brownie Platter for Naz

Brownie Platter wz drizzled Choc for Az

With this entry, I would like to wish all fellow Muslims ~ Eid Mubarak!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ramadhan coming to an end

It had been a very quick month of Ramadhan passing by. Was it because it was Ramadhan, that's why time moved so quickly? In just a few days, we'll be celebrating Eid already.

Despite the busy schedule, I'm grateful that I managed to get DD 2 pairs of clothes & a pair of new shoes. As for the boys, I'll get them something soon hehe ; ).

So I managed to complete all bakings by Tuesday (cakes inclusive) and delivery of the cookies was done yesterday. For those who have placed your orders, I'm thankful for the trust. I hope you and guests will enjoy the goodies.

Talking about goodies, I offered a free gift for every order placed. Here's what my friends received in their bundle:

Fruit & Nut Biscotti

Enjoy the goodies... Thank you!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Cheese Cups

Since I anticipated that my bakings will be finished soon, I decided to take in Kyn's request for Choclate Hazelnut & Blueberry Cheese Cups.

It was in celebration of her 6th wedding anniversary. I hope it was an enjoyable celebration.... And thanks for this request, Kyn!

Chocolate Hazelnut & Blueberry Cheese Cups