Friday, 30 November 2007

Anniversary Cupcakes

Finally settled the maid's issue. I went to the maid agency to clear the matter as time is crucial for me. Interviewed the new one, who is expected to come into Singapore in about 2 weeks' time. If the new one is enthusiastic as she sounds on the phone then I'm sure the kids will like her.

Spent the whole of yesterday afternoon & evening concentrating & finishing up Nur's request - 1st Wedding Anniversary cupcakes, which is of butterfly theme. I hope it will be an enjoyable celebration.

1st Wedding Anniversary cupcakes for Nur & her friends

Since I'm free for the weekend, time for me to update my website & maybe do a little shopping. Have a great weekend people. Cheers!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hectic & Stressed

It's been a hectic & stressful week for me. Not because of goodies requests but more to my maid issue.

I've sent my maid home & currently training the new one. Never did I expect that she didn't know a word of English, after she had failed her test the first time. This is a problem because dearest daughter speaks English & without knowing & understanding the language means my daughter would not be able to tell the maid what she wants (eg: eat, drink, pass motion etc) when both hubby & I are working.

I have tried countless times contacting the agency located at Tanjong Katong Complex of the problem I'm facing & looks like I have to wait (again) for new biodatas to arrive. The thing about this agency is that since I've been attended by this one person, other staff who answered my call would refer me to this one person only. That is so frustrating cos the person that I'm supposed to talk to is always, "engaged on the line" or "talking to a customer". If that is the case, why can't the other staff attend to me??

I spent one whole day on Friday trying to 'nail' this particular staff (since they want only this person to attend to me). Of course I understand that I am not their only customer, but I thought my case is urgent as I want ample time to train the new maid before I resumed work in January. By the time I get a new one, I think I would only have one month to train the new maid instead of two months. I hope the new maid would be able to learn fast & have experience at least to take care of very young kids & a baby. The rest ie: housework & cooking can be taught over time on a day-to-day basis.

The agency have given 3 bios to look through. Of which only one completed her contract in 2003. 'The staff' wanted to replace a transfer maid, whom I rejected because I have bad experience (more to a nightmare) before. So I hope the agency will expedite to contact this maid & have her come here as soon as possible.

The English language is not the only problem I'm facing with the new maid. Both my kids doesn't like her. They just don't click. When we went grocery shopping, both my kids do not want to walk with the maid. And I have Baby Ghazi to carry in my carrier too. Since that's the case, the maid will just have to carry the groceries then. It's very tiring for me too cos whatever the kids want, they ask me instead of going straight to the maid. It's like I'm doing all the work in the house. And I really thank God for giving me the physical strength to go through this.

I know I have no luck in having a good maid, even after years of having one. I really really hope that this time (the replacement) I can depend on her. Someone who is responsible & enjoy playing with kids.

Anyways, enough of the stress issue. The more I talk about it the more stressed, frustrated & worried I get.

Last Thursday had a little meet-up with an old friend Melissa, who accompanied me to the bakery supplies stores for me to stock up my goods. Although it was a few hours meeting, we caught up on our secondary school days & I really enjoyed the company. Too bad another friend of ours couldn't make it cos he's down with fever. But I hope to get all of us meet in early December, before Melissa leaves for her Taiwan holiday on her birthday & Azmi to Hanoi for work & holiday (somewhere).

Since I've already bought a lot of stuff, I decided to try a new recipe - Lemon Crumble. It's a combination of shortbread (at the bottom) & lemon filling on the top. First time trying & definitely needs improvement.

Lemon Crumble

Today, went for 'jalan-jalan' to deliver Effa's goodies - Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecups & M&Ms Brownie. Despite having her address, we got lost & drove all the way to Jurong East heh... Thanks Effa for the requests.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecups & M&Ms Brownie

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Zinedine's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Zinedine's 2nd birthday with the family. Since my aunts have not seen Baby Ghazi yet, they came to join the occassion as well.

My mum on the right in blue with both my aunts

I was lucky to be able to place a last minute "Thomas & Friends" cake order, with my mum's help. And of course Polar Cakes to be able to accept the order & do it within such short notice (order should actually be placed 2 days prior). Hub also managed to order 200 pcs satay from Jumain Sataysfaction, which was delivered at 7pm (no pics as I was busy attending to the kids, especially the birthday boy).

Cake-cutting started at 8pm, which by then Zinedine was already getting cranky because he was sleepy. Hub & I tried to keep him awake so that he could see his favourite character on his birthday cake. Even I was impressed...

Zinedine's birthday cake

I was also busy the whole day as I've cupcakes request for 21st Nov '07. Since I'll be baking the cupcakes for Nur, I made extras for the birthday celebration as well.

One cupcake gone...

While all of us were feasting on the satays, Zinedine wanted milk & dozed off immediately. At least he saw the cake...

Since there were a lot of leftovers, packed some for everyone. By 10pm, everybody left as it was also raining heavily.

I was actually feeling very tired but somehow I just couldn't sleep last night. Perhaps too many things on my mind.

Anyways, started off the day thinking of design ideas on Nur's fun-themed newborn baby girl cupcakes. I hope Nur will not be disappointed with what I have come up with.

Nur's fun-themed newborn baby girl cupcakes

Sunday, 18 November 2007

A month has passed

How time flies... It's been a month since baby Ghazi was born. And now I'm left with only 2 months of Maternity Leave to spend / bond with my dearest.

Anyways, amidst the busy schedule I somehow agreed to take in a very last minute order from dear Shirhaini. I thought I would be meeting her this Wednesday for a fun-themed cupcakes request and never did I expect her to SMS me on Saturday afternoon to request for another fun-themed cupcakes for her uncle's open house today.

Despite having to juggle between taking care of baby Ghazi & training my new maid (just arrived yesterday) thank God I managed to finish up the order in time.

I really hope Shirhaini & family would be happy & satisfied with the look & taste (especially) of the cupcakes.

Fun-themed cupcakes for Shirhaini

Zinedine's birthday's coming up this Tuesday & I still have no idea of what birthday cake to buy for him. Currently he's into Thomas the engine & friends, so maybe I'll buy that one for him. I just hope to spare some time to order it.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Mee Betawi

The other day, I mentioned that I will post the Mee Betawi recipe. Well here it is: (sorry no pics for this one)

Yellow Hokkien mee

For the soup
Blended ingredients:
Chilli padi
Ground white pepper

Beef (need to be stewed in advance; do not throw the stock as it will be used for the soup)
Chye Sim

Sweet soya sauce

1. Stew the beef in advance as the stock will be used for the soup.

2. Fry the blended ingredients until fragrant (including the ground white pepper). Then pour in the beef stock (only). Add water if required & sweet soya sauce.

3. Once the soup starts to boil, you can start putting in the stewed beef & chye sim stalks. By this time, you should get a somewhat sweet & spicy taste. If the soup is too spicy, just add in more soya sauce.

4. Finally add the fishcakes, prawns & chye sim.

5. Serve with yellow hokkien mee & fried shallots.

Note: No other seasonings are required as the taste comes from the sweet soya sauce & beef stock.

Ayam Roast Berempah

I've run out of ideas of what to cook that I've decided to try something new. There's meat, fish, prawns & chicken in the freezer. So what should I cook today?

Mum mentioned about a steamed fish recipe on Suria's Dapur Mami segment, which uses cili padi & soy sauce. Great combination isn't it? So I logged on to the Suria site to check the recipe.

I finally decided to try "Ayam Roast Berempah". The recipe doesn't require much ingredients so it should be quick. I hope it will be tasty as well.

After roasting the chicken for about an hour (to dry the ingredients up), it does taste good. Goes really well with hot white rice. This is a tried & tested (read:tasted) recipe, so you might want to give it a try. It's easy & tasty.

Ayam Roast Berempah

Friday, 2 November 2007

What's the latest, sista?

Since I'll be on long break (3 months Maternity Leave) & starting work in early January 2008, I thought I'll get my website done. But since I'm not an IT expert in the complicated areas such as uploading the design, I've sought the help of my sis-in-law.

However she will be busy in the next 2 weeks, so I'll have to be patient & wait. Meantime I'll get everything else organized like the logo, tagline, pics & description. I really hope to get the website done this time, else I'll just give it up & use the current Multiply site.

I'll also be busy packing up all the stuff in the house as I'll be moving soon. Where to? You'll just have to wait. Will keep everyone posted once the paperwork are done & completed. I'm excited & can't wait to move. Of course there'll be a lot of work to be done once I'm in the new house but I'm willing to unpack slowly on my OFF days. By end of the year I'll have a new address.

Besides the new website & house, I've been planning new goodies to introduce. I'll use the time I have now to experiment the few new goodies. The new ones will still belong to the existing 'family' - Cheesecakes / cups, Brownies & Desserts. Nothing totally new; I'll stick to my niche. Once I regained my energy, I'll make my way down to my favourite stores to stock up on the ingredients. I just can't wait.

For today, I made a dozen Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Shirhaini. She had called me directly to order for some cupcakes in December. Although I'll only 'reopen' & 'reheat' my good oven in February '08, she had somehow managed to persuade me to take in an early order. But I didn't expect her to contact me again for 3rd Nov order of Choc Hazelnut.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Shirhaini

Since it's been about 2 months I last whipped up something, I took this request in. Moreover she will be collecting them tomorrow. (Mampus kalau mak aku & laki aku tahu. Belum lepas hari dah sibuk-sibuk). Dear hubby is not convinced that I can do Shirhaini's cupcakes in December as we will be very busy moving. But I guess with proper planning it can be done as long as I am given my own time & space to do it (that is no disturbances from the kids).

I shall not update this request in Multiply as I have not officially open. I wouldn't want to tire myself unneccessarily. If I do have the urge to bake something, I'll do it for myself & family. So dearest friends & contacts out there, be patient (winks!)