Sunday, 18 November 2007

A month has passed

How time flies... It's been a month since baby Ghazi was born. And now I'm left with only 2 months of Maternity Leave to spend / bond with my dearest.

Anyways, amidst the busy schedule I somehow agreed to take in a very last minute order from dear Shirhaini. I thought I would be meeting her this Wednesday for a fun-themed cupcakes request and never did I expect her to SMS me on Saturday afternoon to request for another fun-themed cupcakes for her uncle's open house today.

Despite having to juggle between taking care of baby Ghazi & training my new maid (just arrived yesterday) thank God I managed to finish up the order in time.

I really hope Shirhaini & family would be happy & satisfied with the look & taste (especially) of the cupcakes.

Fun-themed cupcakes for Shirhaini

Zinedine's birthday's coming up this Tuesday & I still have no idea of what birthday cake to buy for him. Currently he's into Thomas the engine & friends, so maybe I'll buy that one for him. I just hope to spare some time to order it.

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