Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Roti Kirai Wz Chicken Curry

Made these last week, as I felt a bit adventurous. It's something like crepes, just that it is made with patterns & holes all over. Therefore using a special kitchen utensil to help create the 'artistic' look.

To make the batter:

300g plain flour

1 x 400g evaporated milk

2 eggs

Pinch of salt

Yellow food colour


1) Mix everything together and make sure that batter is not too watery & runny.

2) To test, pour a bit of the mixture on a flat well-greased frying pan. If mixture sticks to the pan & difficult to remove, then there's too much water. Just add more flour into the mixture. Test again. Batter should come off easily from pan when cooked.

Then the crepes are wrapped into a triangle for serving. Use your favourite curry recipe to compliment the crepes. These are great to serve your friends coming over for visits or on special occassions.

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