Sunday, 8 March 2009

Nasi Ayam Berempah

Cooked this Spiced Chicken Rice (direct translation for "Nasi Ayam Berempah") last week but due to some 'cranky' internet connection, couldn't upload this earlier.

I got this when I watched Chef Ismail's (from Malaysia) cooking show quite some time back. Because it's easy I totally love to cook this, whenever I want a twist from the same old Chicken Rice. This one you simply add curry powder.

Chicken stock / broth (enough to cook 2 cups of rice)
2 cups of rice

Curry powder (for meat)

Lemon grass (squashed)
Cooking oil
Sesame oil (1 tsp)
Chicken cube (2 pieces)

1) Heat cooking oil in your rice cooker. Once it's hot, fry the blended ingredients till fragrant. (Close the rice cooker for about 3 minutes for the blended paste to cook).

2) Once the blended paste is fragrant, mix in the rice thoroughly.

3) Pour in the chicken stock / broth and the chicken cube. Remember, the quantity of the stock / broth should be the same amount as required to cook normal rice.

4) Put in the lemon grass & sesame oil.

5) Allow to cook.

Ground white pepper
Curry powder
Tumeric powder
Ginger (pounded)

1) Marinate chicken with the ingredients above for at least 30 minutes.

2) Fry till crispy.

You may serve with your favourite chicken soup, mixed vegetables (my favourite is Chap Chye) and not forgetting ginger garlic chilli sauce (I'm using Chng Kee).

This dish is perfect to be served for special occassion as it's different from your normal chicken rice.

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