Sunday, 31 January 2010


People say "Once bitten, twice shy". I think I'm too soft at heart that I allowed myself to be 'bitten' once again.

I feel bad about writing this post but I think some people needs to have some sense of responsibility.

About three weeks ago, I made some goodies for a regular (if you've read my previous posts, you'd know which one). She has this habit whereby she would change her collection date at the last minute. (And if it so happened that I have a full fridge, I'd have to find some ways to rearrange my own stuff.) She did this time, but since I don't have to hold (not literally) her goodies for too long, I agreed. Even on the day of the new collection time, she had some difficulties.

I can totally understand her difficulties and have also agreed that payment will be transferred to my account instead of COD. Details have been given and she promised to have it all done by an agreed date. Up to today, there wasn't any history of that agreed transaction. SMSs were sent but no replies. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that probably her phone was faulty; that she sent it for repair and hasn't collected her new phone yet.

But as the days passed by I kept thinking as to why she has to hold the payment that was rightfully due to me. I've baked & prepared the goods that she has collected & distributed to her friends, whom I believe by now would have digested every single ingredient I've put into the goodies.

I called her today but she wasn't answering. So her phone wasn't sent for servicing. Now the big question mark. Why? What happened?

If it was someone else (new), this would have been a different post. But because she's a regular, whom she addresses me as "kakak" (elder sister); someone who has been supporting me and discussed how she wanted her goodies to be decorated each time etc, that's why it bothered me that this happened.

The last time something similar as this happened, someone in her family had passed on. The uncollected goodie which I prepared for her was 'donated' to someone. This time I have no clue whatsoever.

Is it time for me change the T & C? Even to my regulars?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kek Lapis from Lanny's

I have been wanting to write in about his great-tasting Kek Lapis (translated: Layered Cake) from Indonesia since 2 weeks ago (yes... that long) but have forgotten all about it.

Three boxes were brought in by my overseas colleagues since they were here to accompany a travelling group. I was expecting that they would bring the soft Kek Ambon (they brought that the last time they were here). But this was even better (big grin)! I'm not actually a fan of Kek Lapis, but loves to try different Kek Lapis made by different people. Especially during the festive season.

This Lapis (as many call it) from Lanny's taste so good, the whole 6" cake gone in just a few hours. I was so excited about tasting it that the moment I arrived home with one box, I sliced it up and couldn't stop popping them into my mouth. Fortunately I managed to share a few slices with my neighbour. And the rest was history. Even the kids loved it.

The great thing about the Kek Lapis is that the (five) spices are not overwhelming. It's a balanced hint of spices & vanilla, with reasonable amount of prune. For (overseas) foodies who have not heard or tasted the Kek Lapis, it comes originally without prunes. There are varieties - with prunes or chocolate layered.

I have tasted others but this by far was the best yet. Now I am thinking of whether there's a Lanny's Cake outlet in Batam, or how I can order more of this (they couldn't possibly send via registered mail, can they?)

Anyways, I'll get more info from my colleagues. If they have an outlet in Batam, all the better; easy access to great-tasting cake. Wonder what varieties they offer... hhmmmm....

Friday, 22 January 2010

Excited to try...

I'm currently on leave as I am training my new helper with the kids and home. It's a very tiring process but so far it's going well. The kids seem to be getting along with the new helper and that is enough to put my mind at rest when I start work next week.

While busying myself, I longed to have Chelsea's Cinnamon Crunch Cobblestone Muffins. They look so good I can imagine myself enjoying those hot muffins with my cup of coffee. Oh my.... doesn't that sound so good? (stop thinking about it stop thinking about it stop thinking about it)

Then as I was searching for recipes, I have a craving for cranberries. I always have a crave for cranberries. Anytime and anything cranberries goes for me - Cranberry Buns (@ Hanis cafe, they're selling Orange Cranberry buns), Cranberry Muffins, Cranberry cookies, Cranberry Cupcakes... And I thought I saw an unopened pack of cranberries in my pantry while I was cleaning up & throwing away overdue stuff.

Hhmmm.... so what's next?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Preparations for cousin's engagement

This week will be busy settling some domestic issues. Will be tired but I hope it's worth it.

At the same time will be thinking of the ideal goodies to contribute to my dear cousin's engagement ceremony next month. Yes, it's only next month but I'm already having a few ideas for the gift exchange as well as for the guests. I just need to decide which few ones I should make. Did I say few? Ok maybe just two or three... No details yet cos my favourite aunt has yet to make the official announcement. I got to know through my mum.

Now that my cousin is getting engaged, I can feel that it's gonna be one cousin after another. Subconciously, all the cousins are now grown up; they have a job, some have served NS, the younger ones are going into NS after completing their studies, they even have driving license (I still don't & won't be having it). I still remember as I was growing up I'd watch them as toddlers & kiddos (I'm the eldest cousin). Now.... I'm getting a bit emo here.

Anyways, no events at the moment. Until the next impromptu project.

Monday, 11 January 2010

The weekend

I managed to survive the weekend by completing Nur's request for her son's 1st month cuppies' favors and attended the company function held at the Resorts World Sentosa.

First, the function; it's an "appreciation and farewell dinner" (read:retirement) for our COO. Since the event was held in one of the private function rooms, we were only allowed to take pictures in certain areas. So most pics were taken while waiting for the GOH and makan time. But me being the less vain one (heh!), didn't snap much pics while I was there. Most pics were tagged by colleagues in my FB.

The place is awesome! I really like the castle (think it should be Princess Fiona's of Shrek). Hard Rock Hotel is also opened except for the outlets. The restaurant that we went to serves Asian buffet - from Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, North India. And they are all superblicious. My favourite is of course the dessert counter, especially since they serve Durian Puffs! Gorgeous!

And the Cempedak Fritters. The cempedak itself is sweet & the batter is light & crispy. I certainly ate till tummy full. Really a great evening.

Then back to the preparation of Nur's cuppies. She left the choice of deco & colour theme to me. She had asked for 20 sets of cuppy favors and 30pcs of small ones for her colleagues & friends.

These are what I came up with for her newborn Md Shaquile Andri.

The 20 sets of favors

30pcs of small cuppies

I am glad (relieved should I say) that Nur loves the cuppies. *Big grin*

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hocus Focus!

I hope everyone had a fantastic start to the New Year and a very great weekend! I'm hoping things will be better for me in 2010 and I really wish that what I've been planning for for this year, will happen (if God willing, Insya'Allah).

So I am gonna be so busy this weekend. Well it wasn't supposed to be.

What happend was I took up a request from a friend. I was delighted to, as she never fails to 'challenge' me for ideas to surprise her. Just days after accepting that request, my office informed that we are going to have a company function. The exact same day that I was supposed to be focusing on my (other) work for a friend.

Now how am I going to finish everything off, when I have to take several hours away for this function? Most people would think "forget about the company function, just focus on the other". Thing is, I am also excited about this function as well... hee! It's going to be held at the new Resorts World. How cool is that?

Gosh! I've been thinking if I can really make both of the commitments work. Time management - yes. Which means I have to get started real early & most likely finish everything off on Sunday morning.

I really hope & pray that this request will go on smoothly, since I've already gone to great lengths to make sure that all preparations are completed before the 'project' starts.

Here's a sneak preview to what I'll be up to this weekend...

Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome 2010!!

I hope it's not too late to wish one & all ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May the new year brings more joy, prosperity & good health to you & family!