Sunday, 31 January 2010


People say "Once bitten, twice shy". I think I'm too soft at heart that I allowed myself to be 'bitten' once again.

I feel bad about writing this post but I think some people needs to have some sense of responsibility.

About three weeks ago, I made some goodies for a regular (if you've read my previous posts, you'd know which one). She has this habit whereby she would change her collection date at the last minute. (And if it so happened that I have a full fridge, I'd have to find some ways to rearrange my own stuff.) She did this time, but since I don't have to hold (not literally) her goodies for too long, I agreed. Even on the day of the new collection time, she had some difficulties.

I can totally understand her difficulties and have also agreed that payment will be transferred to my account instead of COD. Details have been given and she promised to have it all done by an agreed date. Up to today, there wasn't any history of that agreed transaction. SMSs were sent but no replies. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that probably her phone was faulty; that she sent it for repair and hasn't collected her new phone yet.

But as the days passed by I kept thinking as to why she has to hold the payment that was rightfully due to me. I've baked & prepared the goods that she has collected & distributed to her friends, whom I believe by now would have digested every single ingredient I've put into the goodies.

I called her today but she wasn't answering. So her phone wasn't sent for servicing. Now the big question mark. Why? What happened?

If it was someone else (new), this would have been a different post. But because she's a regular, whom she addresses me as "kakak" (elder sister); someone who has been supporting me and discussed how she wanted her goodies to be decorated each time etc, that's why it bothered me that this happened.

The last time something similar as this happened, someone in her family had passed on. The uncollected goodie which I prepared for her was 'donated' to someone. This time I have no clue whatsoever.

Is it time for me change the T & C? Even to my regulars?

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