Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kek Lapis from Lanny's

I have been wanting to write in about his great-tasting Kek Lapis (translated: Layered Cake) from Indonesia since 2 weeks ago (yes... that long) but have forgotten all about it.

Three boxes were brought in by my overseas colleagues since they were here to accompany a travelling group. I was expecting that they would bring the soft Kek Ambon (they brought that the last time they were here). But this was even better (big grin)! I'm not actually a fan of Kek Lapis, but loves to try different Kek Lapis made by different people. Especially during the festive season.

This Lapis (as many call it) from Lanny's taste so good, the whole 6" cake gone in just a few hours. I was so excited about tasting it that the moment I arrived home with one box, I sliced it up and couldn't stop popping them into my mouth. Fortunately I managed to share a few slices with my neighbour. And the rest was history. Even the kids loved it.

The great thing about the Kek Lapis is that the (five) spices are not overwhelming. It's a balanced hint of spices & vanilla, with reasonable amount of prune. For (overseas) foodies who have not heard or tasted the Kek Lapis, it comes originally without prunes. There are varieties - with prunes or chocolate layered.

I have tasted others but this by far was the best yet. Now I am thinking of whether there's a Lanny's Cake outlet in Batam, or how I can order more of this (they couldn't possibly send via registered mail, can they?)

Anyways, I'll get more info from my colleagues. If they have an outlet in Batam, all the better; easy access to great-tasting cake. Wonder what varieties they offer... hhmmmm....

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