Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Preparations for cousin's engagement

This week will be busy settling some domestic issues. Will be tired but I hope it's worth it.

At the same time will be thinking of the ideal goodies to contribute to my dear cousin's engagement ceremony next month. Yes, it's only next month but I'm already having a few ideas for the gift exchange as well as for the guests. I just need to decide which few ones I should make. Did I say few? Ok maybe just two or three... No details yet cos my favourite aunt has yet to make the official announcement. I got to know through my mum.

Now that my cousin is getting engaged, I can feel that it's gonna be one cousin after another. Subconciously, all the cousins are now grown up; they have a job, some have served NS, the younger ones are going into NS after completing their studies, they even have driving license (I still don't & won't be having it). I still remember as I was growing up I'd watch them as toddlers & kiddos (I'm the eldest cousin). Now.... I'm getting a bit emo here.

Anyways, no events at the moment. Until the next impromptu project.

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