Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hocus Focus!

I hope everyone had a fantastic start to the New Year and a very great weekend! I'm hoping things will be better for me in 2010 and I really wish that what I've been planning for for this year, will happen (if God willing, Insya'Allah).

So I am gonna be so busy this weekend. Well it wasn't supposed to be.

What happend was I took up a request from a friend. I was delighted to, as she never fails to 'challenge' me for ideas to surprise her. Just days after accepting that request, my office informed that we are going to have a company function. The exact same day that I was supposed to be focusing on my (other) work for a friend.

Now how am I going to finish everything off, when I have to take several hours away for this function? Most people would think "forget about the company function, just focus on the other". Thing is, I am also excited about this function as well... hee! It's going to be held at the new Resorts World. How cool is that?

Gosh! I've been thinking if I can really make both of the commitments work. Time management - yes. Which means I have to get started real early & most likely finish everything off on Sunday morning.

I really hope & pray that this request will go on smoothly, since I've already gone to great lengths to make sure that all preparations are completed before the 'project' starts.

Here's a sneak preview to what I'll be up to this weekend...

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