Friday, 22 January 2010

Excited to try...

I'm currently on leave as I am training my new helper with the kids and home. It's a very tiring process but so far it's going well. The kids seem to be getting along with the new helper and that is enough to put my mind at rest when I start work next week.

While busying myself, I longed to have Chelsea's Cinnamon Crunch Cobblestone Muffins. They look so good I can imagine myself enjoying those hot muffins with my cup of coffee. Oh my.... doesn't that sound so good? (stop thinking about it stop thinking about it stop thinking about it)

Then as I was searching for recipes, I have a craving for cranberries. I always have a crave for cranberries. Anytime and anything cranberries goes for me - Cranberry Buns (@ Hanis cafe, they're selling Orange Cranberry buns), Cranberry Muffins, Cranberry cookies, Cranberry Cupcakes... And I thought I saw an unopened pack of cranberries in my pantry while I was cleaning up & throwing away overdue stuff.

Hhmmm.... so what's next?

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