Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dinner at Botak's Favorites - Changi Village

My husband & I had been salivating to try the American style food from Botak Jones. But we were disppointed that it isn't Halal certified. More & more Botak Jones outlets kept springing up but none was Halal. But not to fret.

Just about this year, the owners have finally set up the Halal brand of the same American style food called Botak's Favourites. (Food preparation is done by Great Big Food Catering Services, which is also certified Halal by MUIS). This move has obviously bring a lot of cheers from the Muslim community, us included.

So we went to the latest Halal outlet in the East located at Changi Village (just because it's nearer to our house than the one at Simpang Bedok). As it was on a Thursday, it wasn't crowded at all. Our first food - the Cheese Fries - arrived about 10-15mins after placing the orders and subsequently at 5 mins interval.

Cheese Fries

We ordered the "L" portion of the Cheese Fries, which we regretted later as we were unable to finish them.

Next was hubby's U-Crazy-What?! burger, which comprises of 3 minced beef patties. Yep, 3 beef patties! He couldn't even get it into his mouth. So much for being adventurous eh.... *raise eyebrow*

U-Crazy-What?! Burger

Mine was the ladies' cut Ribeye Steak, which I asked to be cooked medium well. Very tender indeed. For this set, I get to choose 2 sides.

Ladies' cut Ribeye Steak

We enjoyed our dinner. The next time we're going to Botak's Favorites, we need to bring friends. Just because we will most likely order different stuff from the menu & then we'll all get to taste everything.

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