Thursday, 30 September 2010


Do you believe that good things sometimes do come in great a'bun'dance? I definitely do. Because it comes in the form of - Buns!

Fruit Custard Buns

Lately I have the sudden interest in learning how to make bread. I've learnt it before & still have the recipe with me. But I just couldn't point out where I went wrong that my bread turned out to be as hard as a rock! Driven by determination, I finally signed up for a workshop, where I get to learn from an expert.

Assorted Buns with sweet filling

The instructor was so helpful & answered all my key questions. Good thing that the class was not full so that made it all more fun to learn. When I stepped in into the class, it's like walking down memory lane - it felt like just as I was in school. The 'teacher' told us to get the mixing bowls, measuring spoons, towels, get your own ingredients & follow the recipe (of course, he guided us along). I was actually smiling inside. Reminded me so much of my teacher!

Fruit Custard Buns for Nina

Now that I have keen interest in baking, I am actually very grateful & thankful that I learned the basics in school. I used to be so ashamed to be in Home Economics class : p. And since my mum & aunts are avid bakers themselves, I know where I can turn to for more helpful tips ; ).

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