Sunday, 19 September 2010

Breakfast at Chomp Chomp

As usual, weekend mornings were spent at a breakfast joint while we wait for dear daughter to finish her tuition. We would, by routine, be at our favourite hangout for our weekly dosage of prata or nasi lemak & definitely teh tarik. So since we've had our pratas on Saturday, I thought we should 'venture' to other breakfast joint, which is in the vicinity. There wasn't much choice so I thought of Serangoon Way Garden, also known to many as Chomp Chomp.

We tried to get a lot, which is by the way same scenario as when we were at Adam Road Food Centre, and was fortunate we only waited for 5 minutes (parking is free on weekend & Public Holiday). Once parked, hubby popped a prized question - is there a Malay stall here? I was stunned for a moment but decided we should check it out anyway.

It had been more than a decade since I was here & the place had been renovated & looks more spacious. Although there are about 4 Malay stalls there, I was quite disappointed with the choice of food available. Two of the stalls were still closed when we got there at around 8.45am. One stall which was opened had Lontong, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam & Nasi Lemak; the other selling kuih. We opted for Nasi Lemak since there's no other choices.

I was not impressed with the Nasi Lemak as the rice is quite dry & lack of coconut milk taste. The sambal was good though.

Then I had Tau Huay. The initial plan was for me to get another drink of soya milk ($1) for the kids, but I ended up with a bowl of old skool Tau Huay at only 50 cents! The Tau Huay is so silky & smooth, not too sweet.

I had this to myself hehehe...... and regretted that I didn't buy a pack home. So where to next weekend?

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