Sunday, 19 September 2010

New addition to Cookies & Such

I've done a little bit of 'cleaning up' of my goodies in FB, particularly in Cookies & Such category. Since the requests for cookies come only during Eid (so far), I realized that there hasn't been strong response for Matcha & Tropicana cookies. Therefore decided to take these off the list.

Since I love eating cookies that contain fruits especially, I have not taken Tropicana away totally. I decided to give it a little bit of revamp. Not actually a new type of cookie, I've tasted this way back during my school days & didn't give it much attention then. Even Mum remembers this recipe when I described it to her. It's the Cornflakes Crunchies.

Cornflakes Crunchies

After only one week of Eid, proposals for next year package already come up for me to consider. I hope He will grant me the health & strength for me to carry it out, InsyaAllah. I'm looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, more experiments & concoctions to be made in my kitchen.

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