Sunday, 22 February 2009

Japanese Cheesecake

Tried making Japanese Cheesecake. Verdict: Successful.

This is taken from one of my list of food bloggers - Cookbake Legacy aka Chawanmushi. I've always wanted to try baking a light cotton cheesecake, and chance upon it when I browse through her blog.

Looking at the recipe, I think it seems less complicated as compared to the traditional cheesecake recipe, which requires you to leave the cheesecake in the waterbath for an hour, in the oven after baking is completed. Then you have to let the cheesecake cool completely before chilling it in the refrigerator overnight. Then your 'misery' over when you FINALLY get to cut the cheesecake (like really finally!) the next day.

But good things happen for those who waits (is that the saying??) That's the traditional cheesecake. This is Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, which lighter & spongier.

I don't mind baking this again. Next time, with a little twist to the recipe (winkz!).

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