Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I'm back...!

It's been 2 weeks since my trip to Hong Kong, which I enjoyed very much! Just came back and already thinking of going back there with my girlfriends. I haven't done enough retail therapy, that's why.

Hong Kong I find is similar to Singapore in many ways. The MTR is convenient to bring you from one point to another, without much hassle. It can even take you to Disneyland!

Talking about Disneyland.... Oh I love that place. It does bring back those childhood dreams and fantasies about castles, princesses and much more. I stayed at the Hollywood Hotel and the room is great! It also has a superb view of the sea.

For pictures you may browse my flickr album.

Oh yes, I enjoyed the night market a lot & regret so badly that I didn't get enough souvenirs for friends from there.

And I found these & much more in one of the shops along the street market. So tempted to get more but held back & control myself.

So that's it for now. WIll update more soon...