Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I was browsing through all food pictures I've taken so far & I came across the'minis', which I love to bake & would bring along with me to family gatherings.

Chocolate Chips Minis

When I'm in doubt (or "indecisive" would be more appropriate) of what to bake for my family's gatherings, this would be the answer.

Cranberries Minis

I would always start asking myself if I should bake the Brownie Platter. Then decided not to because my aunts wouldn't be able to resist the temptation & would keep the brownie for themselves. There's also the Chocolate Mousse cups; no space to keep them chilled in their fridge. Cheese Cups; not everyone loves cheese.

Rainbows Minis

Minis variations

So it boils down to the Minis. Anyone of any age would munch on mini cakes for dessert right?

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