Monday, 18 October 2010

My boy turns 3!

We continue the birthday celebration for Ghazi today, when he officially turned three.

Three years ago, I was having the most excruciating backache ever before I found out that I was already 3cm dilated when I arrived at my gynae's clinic. It was so painful that I was crying in bed because I couldn't even get up to shower. We decided not to go straight to the hospital as I was afraid it might be a false alarm. It's amazing how a mother with her 3rd child still wouldn't be able to tell if she's ready to give birth or not.

After the confirmation we went straight for the delivery suite, which was just 5mins drive away from the clinic (phew!). At that time, it was only the 3rd day of Raya & I had actually cooked a big pot of Mee Betawi the day before.

It was about 6hrs later that my youngest boy was born (with my gynae wearing a Man U jersey under his robe. Chet!) It wasn't exactly a smooth process as I was losing a lot of blood, Ghazi suddenly turned blue & I had a high fever after that. I could only cradle him for just a moment before the doctor decided to put Ghazi in an incubator to warm him up. I saw him again only the next day. Thankfully everything went well.

Ghazi, 3 years ago

The just-recovered-from-fever me

So it was cake-cutting time for the boy after an early dinner today. Fortunately I managed to get an off-the-shelf boyish-looking cake from Polar.

Birthday boy is in high spirits the whole day. Even while I'm updating this, he's still singing at the top of his voice.

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