Friday, 15 October 2010

Snack on Buns

This week, besides the Cornflakes Snow for Sue, I also had another batch of those cookies to complete for Annie. Since I was finishing up on the last batch, I had a conversation with my mum if I should try my hands in making Pineapple Tarts today. I was checking if using half a kilo of flour would yield so much, as I didn't want to end up stuffing myself with Pineapple Tarts in the end. She assured me that I wouldn't. So I held on to that idea.

After that, I called my eldest aunt to ask her if I should tweak my eggwash on my buns. After talking so much about buns & breads & cinnamon rolls, I made up my mind to make buns instead.

Centre Cheese Bun is mine, surrounded by Red Bean Buns

So as soon as my last trays of Cornflakes Snow came out of the oven, I proceeded quickly onto the bread. Proofing the dough is tricky & sensitive and it takes a lot of time too. But as they say "Patience is a virtue", thus you shall yield a lot from it (oh yes indeed, in the form of buns).

(Four left) Cheese Buns & (four right) Raisins & Cinnamon Buns

I finally got to work on the buns at 2pm, rolling the dough & filling them up. This time I had Red Bean, Cheese, Raisins & Cinnamons, Blueberry Cheese & Nutella. And I tried most of them without the paper casings too.

Top clockwise: Nutella, Red Bean, Raisin & Cinnamon, Cheese & Blueberry Cheese

I also tried making them half the actual size. Surprisingly, my kids were a lot quicker in their subsequent helpings. Well probably because by the time the buns were ready, it was just time for afternoon snack.

If you're interested to get your hands on these fresh buns, whether in their actual size or minis, email me for the details.

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