Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hectic week

Last week after making the heart-shaped Brownie, I was called up to make more Fruits & Nuts Biscotti for Nina & family. It was short notice for me cos she asked if they could be ready the next day. Sometimes I'd feel so guilty about stocking up full in my pantry, but when the call for short notice requests came up, full stock actually helped me. So since she's coming over to collect her goodies, she made a personal delivery too for the items we *ehem me & daughter* bought from her.

I had another request of pies & fruit tarts. Fortunately I haven't bought the fruits yet cos at the very last minute (and I mean really really last minute), something unforeseen happened (from the requestor) and the order was cancelled. Although some of the items had already been bought, I was glad that I haven't started anything yet. Phew!

Early this week was a hectic one for me. On Monday, I thought I had the whole day to spend on my own buying essential baking items for this week's orders. Was taking my time & thought I could nap when I got home, until I received a call from my agent that she'd fixed me with an interview on Wednesday. But she'd need me to come by her office that same Monday afternoon. There goes my power nap time...

I was so occupied on Monday & Tuesday (fetching son from school & then send him to his enrichment class which ended at 5pm. Then we had to put up with the peak hour crowd taking the bus home) and I realized how hard it is being an unemployed mum, despite having a helper or even a full-time SAHM without a helper. Gosh! It's tough.

Yesterday I went for an interview, which I felt so nervous about & felt a little heavy heart but went through it after all. Then it was meeting up with mum for a little shopping at JL Expo sale (it wasn't that great, so no worries if you don't go).

And on top of the very hectic early week, fortunately I managed to complete a set of these for Sue Tariq, who's ordering them for her husband's birthday today.

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