Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Zinedine's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Zinedine's 2nd birthday with the family. Since my aunts have not seen Baby Ghazi yet, they came to join the occassion as well.

My mum on the right in blue with both my aunts

I was lucky to be able to place a last minute "Thomas & Friends" cake order, with my mum's help. And of course Polar Cakes to be able to accept the order & do it within such short notice (order should actually be placed 2 days prior). Hub also managed to order 200 pcs satay from Jumain Sataysfaction, which was delivered at 7pm (no pics as I was busy attending to the kids, especially the birthday boy).

Cake-cutting started at 8pm, which by then Zinedine was already getting cranky because he was sleepy. Hub & I tried to keep him awake so that he could see his favourite character on his birthday cake. Even I was impressed...

Zinedine's birthday cake

I was also busy the whole day as I've cupcakes request for 21st Nov '07. Since I'll be baking the cupcakes for Nur, I made extras for the birthday celebration as well.

One cupcake gone...

While all of us were feasting on the satays, Zinedine wanted milk & dozed off immediately. At least he saw the cake...

Since there were a lot of leftovers, packed some for everyone. By 10pm, everybody left as it was also raining heavily.

I was actually feeling very tired but somehow I just couldn't sleep last night. Perhaps too many things on my mind.

Anyways, started off the day thinking of design ideas on Nur's fun-themed newborn baby girl cupcakes. I hope Nur will not be disappointed with what I have come up with.

Nur's fun-themed newborn baby girl cupcakes

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