Friday, 2 November 2007

What's the latest, sista?

Since I'll be on long break (3 months Maternity Leave) & starting work in early January 2008, I thought I'll get my website done. But since I'm not an IT expert in the complicated areas such as uploading the design, I've sought the help of my sis-in-law.

However she will be busy in the next 2 weeks, so I'll have to be patient & wait. Meantime I'll get everything else organized like the logo, tagline, pics & description. I really hope to get the website done this time, else I'll just give it up & use the current Multiply site.

I'll also be busy packing up all the stuff in the house as I'll be moving soon. Where to? You'll just have to wait. Will keep everyone posted once the paperwork are done & completed. I'm excited & can't wait to move. Of course there'll be a lot of work to be done once I'm in the new house but I'm willing to unpack slowly on my OFF days. By end of the year I'll have a new address.

Besides the new website & house, I've been planning new goodies to introduce. I'll use the time I have now to experiment the few new goodies. The new ones will still belong to the existing 'family' - Cheesecakes / cups, Brownies & Desserts. Nothing totally new; I'll stick to my niche. Once I regained my energy, I'll make my way down to my favourite stores to stock up on the ingredients. I just can't wait.

For today, I made a dozen Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Shirhaini. She had called me directly to order for some cupcakes in December. Although I'll only 'reopen' & 'reheat' my good oven in February '08, she had somehow managed to persuade me to take in an early order. But I didn't expect her to contact me again for 3rd Nov order of Choc Hazelnut.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese Cups for Shirhaini

Since it's been about 2 months I last whipped up something, I took this request in. Moreover she will be collecting them tomorrow. (Mampus kalau mak aku & laki aku tahu. Belum lepas hari dah sibuk-sibuk). Dear hubby is not convinced that I can do Shirhaini's cupcakes in December as we will be very busy moving. But I guess with proper planning it can be done as long as I am given my own time & space to do it (that is no disturbances from the kids).

I shall not update this request in Multiply as I have not officially open. I wouldn't want to tire myself unneccessarily. If I do have the urge to bake something, I'll do it for myself & family. So dearest friends & contacts out there, be patient (winks!)

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