Saturday, 17 January 2009

The newbie

Spent the first half of the day stocking up on my baking supplies, as I won't be having the weekend off for the next two weeks.

When I should treasure the day by relaxing, I 'scout' for another brownie recipe. I just thought that I should improve (or change) my current brownie recipe due to surprising feedback (none of them bad, though). It just surprises me & I don't feel good about it. It worries me a bit that I thought that perhaps I should stop the brownie for good (but then, what should I change "sistabrownie" to? "sistacheese" maybe??) Haha....

Thinking that maybe I have got all the ingredients & measurements right, I timed myself to bake the 'newbie' (read:brownie). When everything was mixed & done, I waited 1 hour in anticipation; hoping it would turn out great so I can treat this to myself. I haven't baked a brownie for myself for so long, except for others.

Greatfully it turned out perfect! Although the recipe uses a little more ingredients : (.

But what's more important is the taste. And the satisfaction I get from it. This time, I decided not to slather the top with chocolate fudge. I like the way it is. Always have.

And while I'm jotting this, there's only about 5 pieces left. Don't know if they'll last till tomorrow ; ).

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