Saturday, 16 May 2009

Review - Lontong Kering

I have, a few months back, become a fan of Lontong Kering. Probably because I've never heard of it until quite recently. And I really like it a lot.

But I'm not sure if you can find Lontong Kering easily unless you go to any one of the popular hawker centres like Geylang Serai.

Today when hubby decides to go to Adam Road Food Centre for breakfast, the first food that came to mind is the famous Nasi Lemak (forget about the one in Changi Village. I think their popularity is overrated). You should really try the Nasi Lemak at both stalls in Adam Road and make your own judgement, as both are as good.

What really caught my eye is the "House of Lontong" stall. From a distance I saw they have a few sets but what I'm really looking for is Lontong Kering. Found it and I wondered what's in it. To my surprise, there's one piece of beef rendang, sambal goreng, begedil, acar timun, ikan bilis and of course lontong. And for a price of SGD $3.50, it tastes really good!

I'm definitely gonna come back to this stall again. (Please don't mind the pic... I got all excited to eat it I just snap a shot).


Johor Kaki said...

Hi Sistabrownie,

I found a very good lontong kering shop but it is in JB. The food is nice and the environment is unique. Its worth crossing the causeway if you crave for this style of lontong.

Sherri Anne said...

Hi Johor Kaki,

Thanks for the info. Where is the location/stall/shop of this Lontong Kering you mention? If I make my way up, will try to drop by the place.

Sherri Anne said...

oh ok... searched your blog & found your post on Lontong Kering.. It's at Warong Saga in Jalan Mahmoodiah.. Perhaps you can advise me instead on which exit to take to reach this place, if I'm driving up. Thanks in advance!