Friday, 26 November 2010

Honey Baked Chix

I haven't been in the best of health for the past week. This was the worst-hit flu I've ever gotten in don't-know-how-many-years. Fortunately this flu came during a time I wasn't booked for any orders. So I guess it was a call for my body to rest after a long time.

I was definitely offline for the past week. Everything else didn't matter except for me to get myself better. Easier said than done. I didn't have an appetite to start with, I was dehydrated and all I could do was just lay in bed. I lost weight - something I hadn't wished for. After almost a week, the fever was gone, so now I'm only dealing with the cold.

So before I got sick, I managed to try out a chicken recipe which was shared by a fellow online buddy. And coincidentally I have a whole chicken in the freezer, which was given by my aunt for Aidiladha. Didn't use it for the occassion so when I decided to cook Chicken Rice on Friday, I made Honey Baked Chix to go with it.

It was easy to do and very well-received by the family, especially the kids. Will definitely do this again. Thanks Kyn!

*Recipe courtesy of Kyn -

Honey Baked Chix

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