Monday, 29 November 2010

Baking with the kids

I have two free days to spare but have no ideas what to do with the children. Wanted to go to Marina Square to watch Hi-5 live but I anticipated that there would be a large crowd and that would make me dizzy. I was also a teeny bit inconfident about tagging all 3 kids along, taking public transport. It had been a while since I did that, I guess I just lost my 'mojo' in handling the kids by myself, without relying on my husband. I must really start to put myself into practice again.

So I prepared the Butter Cookies dough for the kids. This time I tinted half of the dough in red & used strawberry essence while the other half in its natural colour & vanilla essence. Thing was my daughter and I watched Rachel Ray's show the day before and in that episode, one of the celebrities contributed the idea of using the cookie dough to make candy cane cookies.

It's using your own favourite butter cookie recipe, tint half in red, make 2 small balls (1 red, 1 natural) and roll the dough out into thin strips separately. Then twist the two strips together and make the shape of a candy cane and arrange them in your baking tin.

We did just that. But the cookies came out fat. The kids didn't mind. They're just happy to eat them.

In the Rachel Ray's show after the cookies were baked, they were sprinkled with crushed candy cane and caster sugar just before serving.

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