Thursday, 2 December 2010

Homemade pizza

Since I was out and about, I bought the necessary stuff to make homemade pizza for the kids. This would be my 'virgin' project.

I didn't use store-bought pasta sauce for the base, instead it was Mum's recipe. She called it the "sweet-sour sauce". I recalled in my youth (I still am at heart heh!), my mum would make at least three or four big pizzas just for us (me & brothers) to indulge. Her sauce, to me, was a good homemade one. So for me to accomplish that same taste, based on my childhood, was tricky. I hope I nailed it anyway.

Among the three kids, of course it was my daughter who never fail to step into the kitchen to see what I was up to and would try to 'help' in just any way. So I prepared all the ingredients & toppings for her to do her business.

I didn't bother much with the topping like mushrooms, onions, olives & fresh tomatoes because I know the kids would start segregating the vege even before they started eating. This was simplicity at its best.

About to go into the oven

I did the honour of putting the mozzarella (which I bought at an offer at Sheng Shiong - 2 packs in 1).
Fresh & hot

And it's good to eat, especially since the pizza came out at the right time when it was just starting to rain. I cut one pizza into 4 pieces and was taking one after another before I realized that I'd actually eaten a whole pizza. Goodness me haha!

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