Friday, 3 December 2010

Crunchy or Chewy? poll

I am currently running an online poll - "Crunchy or Chewy?" to find out people's preference on cookies, especially Chocolate Chip ones.

I have scanned through some chocolate chip cookie recipes and 'shortlisted' the good ones to try. In fact some chewy chocolate chip cookies are really tasty. But I guess the majority have always been 'fed' with crunchy ones that they might classify chewy ones as cookies-that-have become-soft-over time.

Anyways, the final result of this poll will determine which Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I will be sharing here. Of course before I post the recipe, be assured that it had been tested and tasted. The criteria that I always look for in a recipe are whether the ingredients are readily available and that it does not require much time in preparation.

So I shall be updating the result in 1 weeks' time. Stay tuned.

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