Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My favourite food haunt - Bedok Corner

I've been wanting to blog about this place for a long time but every time I was there, I forgot about everything else and gorged on my food as soon as they arrived. See, I even imply the food as "they" and not "it". So you guessed, whenever I was there, I'd start ordering quite a spread. Surprisingly, we always ended up finishing our food. Bedok Corner - the first time I was there it was pre-renovation during my dating days (ehem!). Hubby introduced me to the place which wasn't any close to what it is today.

I was there again yesterday. Before we even left the house I'd started salivating about the, by far, tastiest Halal Carrot Cake (black sauce). Why do I rave so much about Bedok Corner's Carrot Cake? Because the taste is consistent each time I ordered. Unlike other food joints, where the taste of the Carrot Cake differed when different cook prepared the dish, this one never disappoints me. But alas, the stall was closed! (Big sigh!) Anyway, the Carrot Cake stall is No.2, just next to the soya bean stall, which by the way serves good soya milk; not too sweet.

Next is the Tahu Telur at stall No. 5. I haven't tasted a lot of other Tahu Telur so I shall not compare. But do try this Tahu Telur when you're there. You wouldn't be disappointed. It's served with black shrimp paste sauce, which was not too spicy. Even my son loves it. (Don't mind the pic. Again I attacked it before remembering to snap a pic).

We ordered Sup Kambing from stall No.26 and Mee Hongkong from stall No.28. Unfortunately the latter was a disappointment. Although the serving was a lot, it tasted too much of garlic. That totally put me off because of the pungent smell. I also ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam from the same stall. Apart from the generous chicken portion, the rice was almost tasteless. Even hubby commented that the cook might have forgotten to add salt. This might be a one-off case, because I've seen quite a number of people ordering from this same stall on other days. But for me, I wouldn't come back. There's another stall selling good Nasi Ayam / Nasi Ayam Penyet but I didn't take note of the stall number. It's near to the restroom exit. I noticed it was quite popular with patrons.

Since it was a weekday, it wasn't crowded. So I managed to list some of the food stalls I'd go to at Bedok Corner:

Stall No.1 - Soya Bean Milk (Variety, not too sweet)
Stall No.2 - Carrot Cake (@ $3/plate. Go for the black sauce)
Stall No.5 - Tahu Telur
Stall No.12 - Pisang & Cempedak Goreng (Variety, all kinds of banana. The lopes is nice too)
Stall No.13 - Juice (I get my Avocado Juice here)
Stall No.25 - Mee Kuah Upeh (this is their specialty probably because it is served in upeh. Spicy. Sup Kambing is not bad too)
Stall No.31 - Hot / Cold Chng Tng (Die Die Must Try! Generously served)

Since I didn't get my Carrot Cake fix, I'd be sure to make a comeback soon!

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