Sunday, 19 December 2010

Casual weekend

It was a 'family-errand' Saturday, as we went from one place to another to get some things done before school reopens. Starting in Tampines, we went to Funan and then finally Bras Basah Popular store for some stationery. I've grown to like that branch as they have complete stationery for everything. Plus lots of other stationery stores too.

With a 20% discount coupon in hand, I browsed through the fiction section to check on my latest novel collection - Sophie Kinsella's "Mini Shopaholic". And yes, it's already in stock! I almost missed it at the shelf.

As I was still busy planning my bakes for this upcoming Christmas orders, I hadn't start on my new book much as I wanted to. Sunday afternoon was spent at the supermarket getting more stuff for my orders too. And I chanced upon a really great deal, an irresistible deal.

Fresh blueberries going for only $1.95 per punnet of 125g! How great a deal was that? But I didn't need blueberries for any of my orders. Well  just because they were on offer, I bought them. So I'd better make something with them.

For dinner we went to 89.7 Supper Club @ Changi Village again. This time we ordered one-dish meal for everyone - Fish & Chips, Mee Goreng, Seafood Fried Rice, Kampung Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken wz rice, Beef Hor Fun and Satay.

I would say they didn't have the best of everything under one roof. Some of the dishes we ordered were tasty while others were not so. For instance, the peanut sauce for satay. It was tasty & flavourful but a bit runny & a tad too oily.

I was so tempted to try their Dim Sum, but it wouldn't be a good idea. Especially since we were already so full. So next time I shall.  

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