Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Desserts for Aidiladha

It's Aidiladha and I hope all my Muslim friends had a great day spent with family today.

I was occupied for two days making preparations for quite a big order for Aidiladha. It's for Nor, who's having a celebration for her 2 year old son's birthday.

Preparations started on Sunday, when I went to look for suitable fruits for the tartlets. As the birthday celebration will only be held today, collection of goodies was a day before. Therefore I had to take into consideration of the fruits used to top the tartlets. Kiwi, strawberries, peaches are all out as they emit a lot of moisture, which in turn will make the goodies soggy when chilled overnight. Fortunately, Nor was understanding and agreeable before confirmation of orders that different fruits will be used to sustain the quality of the goodies.

Custard Fruit Tartlets

Chocolate Fruit Tartlets

For the custard-filled tartlets, I decided to go with dragonfruit and grapes. Dragonfruit does emit a lot of moisture too but hey, what other fruits can I use? Grapes are great, as the store was having a promotion on seedless ones and I love that I got tiny ones, which was just right for my tartlets. Plus, I didn't have to cut them up (moisture intact). Raspberries went on top of the chocolate-filled ones.

There were also 50pcs of Profiteroles. I filled them up with custard. (Note to self: Must learn to make smaller ones, like Mum said. Should I? I thought the size was just right for my box : D)

Custard-filled Profiteroles

Last but not least, the cuppies for the birthday boy who turned two. Nor mentioned that her son loves balls, so she'd asked if I could put a lot of balls for the deco. I decided to go for a little football-themed decoration. Notice the only one cuppy without any deco? That's for Nor to put on the football candles for Harith.

Two-year-old Harith is such a cutie. When I showed Nor the deco for the cuppies, he pointed out to the balls. I thought he's going to say "ball", but instead he shouted "goal". I'm glad I nailed on the deco for him. I hope he had an enjoyable celebration with his family today.

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