Monday, 1 November 2010

Macadamia Brownie

I've lost track after 2 weeks of neglecting my blog. Can I just summariza everything now? Hee!

I've just started on a new job and I discovered that I've hardly the time for anything else after coming home, except just following-up on the kids' activities. It's really tiring for me. Up to the point that I've started taking chicken essence to rev myself up for the day everyday. Tsk tsk tsk!

Anyways, after a tiring 1 week on the job, I felt like having some of my own Brownie. The macadamia nuts in my fridge (plus the pistachios too) were tempting me to bake something. I could always choose to snack on them, but hub would make me feel guilty for not sharing. So in they went to the Brownie.

I made them topless without the fudge, the way I like. And of course shared them with my mum, who came over to check on how her only daughter had been coping with the new job. I'm sure my youngest brother would enjoy these too. I was happy to know from mum that he packed the buns I gave her the last time, to work. I suddenly missed both my brothers. 

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