Monday, 17 December 2007


Congrats to Hady Mirza for being the winner of the first Asian Idol. Although it was unexpected, because there's Jac (Malaysia) & Mau (Philippines) with very strong vocals, I guess having 'the package' plays a part too. It really came as a big surprise.

Then the match between Liverpool & Man United.... gosh I don't even want to talk about it. Dear hub got so frustrated with Liverpool's loss.

Tomorrow our dear Ghazi will turn two months' old. He's grown so much now (weight, I mean) & have recognized his ummi & her voice. He stopped crying & often smiles whenever he sees or hears me. Dear 'Ufairah has helped a lot during the hols, keeping an eye on Ghazi & taking care of (more like entertaining) dear Zinedine. She'll be in K1 next year & it'll be more stressful for me juggling between work & getting her to learn phonics, reading, spelling etc...

This week there's a Christmas cupcakes request from Nur. And I have to settle dear daughter's school stuff (ie: books, uniform) as well. Plus, all preparations for next week's engagement cupcakes request has to be organized since it's more than a hundred. On top of that I've a New Year cupcakes request for Melissa.

It's going to be very busy for me these two weeks with cupcakes requests, daughter's school & settling my maid's issue by end December. I hope that by the beginning of 2008, I'll be free from all stress & get my mind prepared for work (sigh!).

I just hope everything will turn out smoothly.

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