Sunday, 30 December 2007

Cupcakes for the weekend...

Was busy since Monday preparing for an engagement ceremony cupcakes for Nur, & Melissa for her party.

Nur has requested for a brown / gold / bronze colour theme for the gifts exchange & her guests.

The butterfly toppers are edible, which is made from sugar & wafer. And it fits perfectly on my small Double Chocolate Cupcakes, although they are quite costly for a tiny butterfly. I would reconsider using these butterflies in future; gotta source out for a better deal next time.

Anyways, as for the gifts exchange, Nur has asked for 15 pieces (each for both sides) to be specially decorated and to omit the topper since she'll be using non-edible butterflies instead.

For the gift exchange

As for Melissa's, I didn't manage to snap a picture before she collects the Christmas-cum-New Year-party themed cupcakes. But she's kind enough to send me an MMS of my cupcakes displayed on her nice tier trays.

P.S: Oh I forgot to mention that it wasn't Nur who's getting engaged, they are for her sister. ; )

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